Diaper Checks

Have you been a naughty little diaper wearer? How can I possibly call you a diaper wearer if you aren’t ACTUALLY in your diapers? Mommy needs to check to make sure you are in your diapers. You are going to wind up having an ucky mess in your pants if you don’t put that diaper on right now.

Maybe you are a good little diaper wearer and just want to show Mommy Lillith just how good you are at wearing your diapers and doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. 

Mommy Lillith needs to make sure that you remain in your diapers at all times. If you say you are a 24/7 diaper wearer then I should be able to pop in at any time and check and you will be wearing them. If you say you only wear them from 4pm until the next morning before you get up to go to work, I should be able to pop in at any time from 4pm until the next morning.

Some naughty little abbies and diaper wearers think it is OK to NOT wear diapers, even after they have told Mommy Lillith that they would. That does NOT make me happy.

You belong in diapers.

To me – there is no question as to whether or not you should be in diapers. If you have to ask me, you already know the answer. So lets not even go to that realm. How long should you be in diapers? I suppose that is slightly up to you, but Mommy Lillith believes you need to be in your diapers full time, around the clock, 24/7. I know that will take some work and serious commitment on your part.

We will get there.

For now, mommy needs to drop in and make sure you are doing the bare minimum (or perhaps it is the diaper minimum) ~ and check to make sure you are wearing your diapers

DIAPER CHECKS are something that need to happen to hold you accountable and make sure you are doing what you say you are doing.

Diaper Check FAQ

Diaper Check Scheduling Form


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