ABDL Scenarios

The ABDL QoD are fun and insightful, sometimes a little deep. But, even more fun, are the posed scenarios of “what would you do if…or would you rather?”.

I decided to separate the questions from the scenarios even though they ARE still questions and are posted AS an ABDL Discussion.

You can follow the links and join in on the discussion or post your response in the comments.

You are jamming to nursery rhyme songs, with a pacifier in your mouth & your diaper on. You turn around and your wife is standing there with one of her best friends. What Is YOUR reaction? What do you say? What is your next move?

Imagine it’s a perfect world filled with perfect responses – Who would you tell about your secret diaper fantasies? How would they react? What would they say?

Let’s pretend you and your little self are separate people. Tell me their personalities. Are they the same? Or different? Are you authoritative and an every day ‘normal person’ in your vanilla life and a fancy free living abbie?

Another ‘Perfect World’ ABDL Question: Change into a diaper or pair of panties, close your eyes and take a moment to breath. Picture your perfect day – no restrictions, the world is created to your specifications. What is your schedule? What are you doing today?

You are down to your last diaper. You forgot to place a new order or because of delivery delays your order isn’t coming in for a couple more days. What do you do?

ABDL Qod Sometimes when doing something we aren’t supposed to someone will say ‘the devil made me do it’ – picture me whispering something devious into your ear What is it that I said?

What did I make you do?

Do you blame Mommy Lillith or own it like the devious little you are?

You are writing a naughty email telling all of your dirty secrets to your Mommy Mistress. It accidently goes to the entire company inbox or to a close friend. What were the contents? Who did it go to? Do they call you about it or respond to it?

Would you rather — Have to number 2 in your diaper daily in public for the next month OR No diapers for the next year One or the other. No other options, no variations.

You are having little time. Diapered, drinking from a bottle. Suddly a group is watching you (or just one person catches you) what do they catch you doing? Do you continue or stop and explain? How do you explain? Who catches you?

Would you rather Be caught stroking while SNIFFING a used diaper, or caught stroking while IN a used diaper One or the other. No other options, no variations. No other details beyond the question

I live in tornado ally- sometimes you have to take cover quickly. You’ve made the biggest #2 (near blowout). The sirens go off. You have less than 5 minutes to shelter. Do you change and hope you have time? Do you take to the shelter and risk being smelled?

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