You just wanted the stress to GO

Tis the season of tricks and treats.

What if you found yourself wanting all of the stress to go away. You don’t want the day to day that you’ve been having. It’s been…mostly hell. All you wanted was a safe space, and a moment to forget. What would you do if you realized that moment was longer than just a moment, and you found yourself trapped? It’s all an exchange….

I’ve put a diaper spell on you, and now you are little and mine.

It wasn’t difficult. You gave me call and I answered the phone. You had been so stressed at your work, in your regular vanilla life. So much pressure from the outside world.

I offered you a safe space to express your frustrations and how you wanted too much to be rid of all of it. How you wanted so much to be able to breath for a moment. You no longer wanted to have that type A personality. You wanted to take a large marker and mark through your calendar…delete it all from existence.

You just…wanted…to be.

I hear you. I invite you in to have some calming tea, perhaps with a bit of honey to sweeten it up. Warm enough to warm you up and almost immediately feel the stress just melt away. I do love a good cup of tea.

Are you feeling a little dizzy?

It must just be your body’s reaction to FINALLY feeling a little relief. Why don’t you take a little nap. Im going to draw the curtains closed and give you a cooling eye mask. I’ll put your phone some place safe and secure.  While you are with Mommy Lillith you don’t have a care in the world. I will shut the world out, even for a moment

As you sleep, you begin to have the most vivid dreams. Is it a touch of sleep paralysis, is it a stress dream? You let yourself just float.

In this dream you feel as though your clothes are disappearing. You feel a rush of cool air against your skin. (In your mind you may think the air conditioner has just turned on), but you are relaxed and drifting.

You feel as though the stress is completely draining you and nearly shake awake as that drain starts to dripple down your leg.

But then you see and almost feel a diaper wrapped around you.

You sleep deeper and aren’t disturbed any longer.

When you start to awaken, Mommy Lillith is there stroking your hair.

“Now, doesn’t that feel better?”

You realize in that moment that you are in nothing but a diaper. You feel oddly at peace, and you feel your mind still a blur…was it a dream, what is happening, what was in that tea?

“Oh, my dear, you’ll come to find that I gave you EXACTLY what you asked for. You should be thanking me…No more stress. You’ve lost control of so much but gained so much comfort. Liken it to a favored sea witch villainess…she always provided what they asked for. Just, in this case…there is no going back.

You are now under my spell.

Let’s get you some more tea, shall we?  

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