Throw away your masculine underware

Can I wear my man underwear mommy?

I was appalled when I seen this particular question pop up, on my yahoo instant messenger, one day. What in the world is my little diaper slut thinking. Do you REALLY *I* would ALLOW *ANY* of my adult babies and diaper lovers that type of privilege.

This little slut I’m sure suffers from accidents, and really belongs in a diaper 24/7. When I say 24/7 diaper wear…I MEAN it.

He must have thought, that if he puts on those masculine boxers or briefs…that he would start to feel like a REAL man again. That is just not the case my dear love. You were never a man, you will never BE a man. You will ALWAYS be my little diapered slut and its time that you lived the life you are supposed to live.

Diapered 24/7…sleeping in diapers, working in diapers, peeing and pooping in your diapers.

The ONLY exception to what you can wear besides diapers are pink plastic panties…the ones that go over your bulky little diapers.

What a ridiculous question that you asked diaper boy. If you were not exactly clear on my answer…the answer is NO…you may NOT wear your masculine underwear.

In fact, I think a burning ceremony is in order.

Any other questions?

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