Summer Diaper Lovin’

The summer heat can be something else. How about a diaper assignment or two from Mistress Lillith to help cool you off?

What are some ways you abbies cool off? I know those diapers have a way of really trapping that heat in. As I sit on my back patio in a lawn chair, just kind of relaxing and sipping my lemonade, I thought up a fun little experiment or two. There will be a couple to choose from – or do them all. I know my diaper lovers LOOOOOVE fun diaper assignments from their mommy mistress.

First part of the diaper assignment:

How hot does it really get in your diaper?

Tape a thermometer on the inside of your diaper and wear it around for the day. Look at the temperature during the date and record the time and temp. What was the average temperature of the inside of your diaper? You could get one of those fancy, digital indoor/outdoor thermometers that read humidity and ‘feels like’ temps as well.

I’m not sure that a ‘human’ thermometer will get the temps we are looking for since those are for internal temps. LOL – Test it out and see how it works.

Is it different than the outdoor temps? Do YOU feel it is hotter than the rest of your body? Do you feel a rush when you remove that diaper to let it air out for a bit?

Just don’t remove the diaper for too long. You might find your self in a bit of a puddle…or worse.

If you need an extra helping of fun, you could see if cloth or disposable diapers are worse – with or without the plastic pants. Or adding in some running around the block or crawling in the back yard for a bit.

After it gets unbearably hot though, we all need to cool down. I like to take a dip in the pool or simply go inside where the A/C is on.

You CAN cool down the next part of the diaper assignment.

Take some ice cubes and slip them into your diaper.

Diaper Assignment with Ice Cubes
Diaper Assignment: slip some ice cubes in your pampers to cool off from the summer heat

The cold will feel…VERY cold at first. But, I bet the heat and humidity warms it up really quickly and just like jumping into a cold, refreshing pool- you’ll acclimate quickly.

I wonder though, how many ice cubes can you slip in there? How many can you hold?

Take a video of you putting each cube in your diaper.

Some abbies and diaper lovers don’t like having to make decisions for themselves -roll a single die or a pair of dice and let that roll decide how much ice you are slipping into your diaper.

You could have a bit of summer fun with those summer lovin’ diaper assignments. Complete them and post your results below or on twitter and tag me @abmommylillith.  

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