Story: Sissy Baby Forever Changed

Imagine the freeing feeling of being diapered forever. A scary thought, but not too scary when a Witchy kind of Mommy Mistress is the one changing you without your knowledge.

You walk in for a visit with your mommy mistress. There is a certain ambiance in the air that is slightly different than before. Usually it’s bright and airy with the curtains open to let in sunshine. You see various blocks and toys scattered along the floor and your favorite dollies and dresses all laid out.

Today, is slightly different. The curtains have been drawn closed, candles have been lit. The sent of baby oil in the air is strong. Your mommy mistress has her hear up in a bun and wearing a royal blue silk rob. Her lips adorned with a deep red lipstick.

When she comes up to great you it’s not a BOUNCY hello, but she smiles and embraces you. Giving you a long, loving, nurturing hug.
There is something different about today. Mommy Mistress seems excited and you can’t quite put your finger on it.

You are, after all, just here for your age regression session. You had planned on dressing up as the little sissy baby girl you are and frolicking through the backyard. Free to be you, if only for a moment. Free to be an ABDL without judging eyes.

You ask mommy what is going on and she smiles slyly at you ‘I’ve got a wonderful surprise for you’ She responds in a playful yet seductive manner. You aren’t quiet sure if you’ve ever seen this side of mommy before. It makes your girlie clitty a tad excited.

First things first, we need to get you in your proper attire.
Just as you had before, you are lead, hand in hand with your adoring mommy mistress to the changing room. It is the place where you unburden from your adult clothing and get into the proper mindset.

Mommy Mistress responds differently to you when you are dressed in your seemingly masculine attire. This is where not only do you change, but mommy’s reactions and responses are softened.

You are required to remove your clothing and place them neatly in a black bin that is then slid into the closet and out of sight. You have to remove ALL of your clothing, exposing your nude/ bare skin. You are to sit on the circular woven rug in front of the mirror. Looking at yourself. Envisioning and seeing what you REALLY are and how you REALLY look.

Mommy takes you and lies you down on the changing table and we begin the almost ceremonious putting on of the diaper. You lift your legs and she slides it under. Applying a little bit of baby lotion, and sprinkling a bit of baby powder.

Today mommy has put you in a soft pink diaper with gold trim and shiny gold stars all over it. Whimsical.

She then rubs baby lotion on your arms and legs and over your belly and around your back. The smell is euphoric and immediately transfers you to the another dimension. The subspace that you crave, the age regressing subspace that only Mommy Mistress can give you.

“Before we play today, there is something I want to do

Your eyes light up with anticipation

“You’ve been such a good abbie. Perhaps one of the best! I’m always so sad when our time is up and you have to go. Mommy knows you do have other things to do.”

You nod your head yes as if you’ve just disappointed mommy. A sissy baby girl, never wants to disappoint Mommy.

Mommy kisses you on the forehead

“Lets just say you’ll never have to worry about those thing again after today. But, ive decided you can’t have tons of ABDL fun if you don’t have a full tummy. mommy is going to feed you…and NOT from the bottle. Lets move into the other room to get more cozy”

Once again, hand in hand she walks you to the room with the lit candles and the strong scent of baby oil. We sit down on the couch and she lies you out.

This IS quite the treat. Mommy Mistress doesn’t just breast feed anyone. It’s usually a bottle at best. You are going to love this moment.
She slides her rob open and slightly down, exposing her beautiful, full breasts.

She guides you into position to lie down and places her nipple in your mouth and tells you to begin gentally suckiling.

You are filled and OVERFILLED with emotions and feelings. The headspace is taking you so deep, you aren’t able to mutter a single intelligible word. Just a few coo’s and gaa’s. Just…baby gibberish.

“You know my little one, I dont think you have to worry about being an adult any more. You are with mommy now, and with mommy you will stay. I know all you think about is being a diapered sissy full time, with no going back…

Imagine if all it took was a sip of a sweet nector, of mommy’s milk that she warmed up for you fed you directly from her breast. You find it comforting, you find it smoothing. Yummy yummy in your baby tummy.”

You thought this was just some exciting moment. Some prize you have won. You are being allowed to nurst on mommy and drink directly from her.
What you didn’t realize is the fact that you mommy is a Witch. The feelings are starting to make your head swirl, but you cant stop suckiling. You just want more.

Keep on drinking my little one. You’ll be falling asleep soon. When you wake, life as you know it will have changed. But, changed for the better. You will be diapered, full time, no going back, unless I decide. Don’t worry about a thing, you won’t remember a thing”

You start to sleep and she lies you in your crib, humming a sweet lullaby and sitting in a rocking chair to sip on hot tea as she watches your transformation.

“you will forever be my perfect sissy baby girl.”

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