Sissy Pissy Puddle Maker

You are a messy little diaper lover in training aren’t you? I say, “in training” because you are a diaper lover that doesn’t yet KNOW you are a diaper lover. Your mommy mistress is here to wake you up to this realization and force you to love your diapers.

Do you know why you need to be forced to wear diapers?

It’s because you are a messy sissy pissy puddle maker!

sissy pissy puddle makerYou like to wear your man pants, trying to hide your pretty sissy panties underneath. You like to feel secretly girly and yet ache to feel outwardly girlie.

You stand there, looking at yourself in the mirror, becoming overly excited about the prospects of actually walking around in sexy feminine clothing and lingerie. Most men that get overly excited just experience some humiliating premature ejaculation.

That little cockette of yours may rise to attention, BUT you aren’t spewing those cummies in your panties. You are tinkling down your leg.

You leak and piss all over your leg like an over excited sissy bitch dog. You are a sissy pissy puddle maker.

You stand there red in the face only to realize you are being watched. Being watched by someone like me that will quickly muscle you down to the ground, to rip those pants off and force a diaper onto my sissy pissy puddle maker.

I may have a friend or two help me force you down, but you WILL wear the diaper. When you leave this room you will take the walk of shame. You don’t get to put pants back on, you’ve already soaked them

EVERYONE will know what a diaper loving, sissy pissy puddle maker you are. Even if you don’t love your diaper now…you will – very soon.

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