My Sissy Baby’s Day Out

You have been such a good baby sissy lately your mommy mistress has decided that you deserve a day out! You know I don’t just let any sissy baby go out, sometimes the attention you get is just too much, but I think its time to go out and have some nice little day out. Mommy mistress gets to do a little shopping and my little baby sissy gets LOTS of humiliating attention (…did I say humiliating? 😉 )

First things first, we need to change that stinky lil diaper and change your outfit. I think you need to have a cutesie little outfit. Im going to put you in blond curly pig tails with a baby pink overall set and a white onsie with lace around the neck. I will pair it with a pair of fold down, white lace socks and some little pink with white polkadot shoes for you to walk around in. Your little bottom is sure to puff right on out with that big bulky diaper.

You’ll also be sporting a bright yellow binky to suck on with a cute little princess clip so that you don’t drop it and loose it.

Lets not forget the little backpack leash that I will certainly have to put you on – you have a tendency to be a naughty baby sissy from time to time.

Out to the Mall with LOTS of people

You know I LOVE to show you off so we are for sure going to end up at the mall where it is the busiest – We’ll go to the nail salon and your mommy mistress will get a nice little mani/pedi – then we’ll head over and Im going to get a new pair of shoes (or 5 – momma LOVES her shoes!) – perhaps we’ll go get some new lingerie and maybe baby can see mommy in some pretty lingerie, and then ill take you to the toy store (what kind of toy store 😉 depends on if you are a GOOD baby or NAUGHTY baby. Lol)

Then we’ll have lunch in the food court. You’ll sit down with your bottle and I’ll grab myself whatever looks appealing to the eye~

Uh-oh what is that smell?

I see that a few people are giggling and pointing at my sweet little sissy baby in her bulky little diaper. But when someone approaches you and tickles you, you start laughing so hard you let out a little toot~

Suddenly your face turns red and I hear some grunting…is my sissy baby making a stinky? In FRONT of everyone at the mall?

Uh-oh~ Makes you wonder what will happen next on your little adult baby day out.

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