My Secret Sissy Baby Wish

Sissy Baby Jazmine has a naughty secret little abdl fantasy that she shared with me the other day:

An extra humiliating fantasy of mine would be if Mistress Lillith arranged a date with one of her girlfriends or have a ladies’ evening. Go dining, to the movies or some other entertainment, while sissy baby stays at home!

If you cuckold your sissy baby, let her know you are looking forward to having a long night with wonderful sex! Let her see, how you get styled for others in an attractive, perhaps even erotic outfit! But while being full of desire, she will just be prepared for an early night time. Let her know, while you will be out enjoying yourself, she will be securely in her bed, laying in the dark, just sucking her pacifier and holding her favorite doll! Make sure, she cannot leave the bed and do something else than being a baby trying to sleep!

You can even increase this humiliation by organizing a babysitter for her.

It can be one of your female friends, an acquaintance, or perhaps your sister or cousin. Ideally she is a convinced feminist. While you prepare yourself for going out, have the babysitter get her ready for bed! Best is, if the babysitter is amused by the situation, enjoys humiliating your baby, and makes her comments about the necessity of baby being diapered, in chastity and being patronized all of the time. She shall have her fun to dress baby in cute attire, something like a Disney princess motive.

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