• Sissy Baby Training: Humiliation not always a punishment

    Humiliation is part of the training and not always form of punishment. For the trainer it is much fun. The baby, even though feeling very much ashamed, will nevertheless gain… Read More

  • My Secret Sissy Baby Wish

    Sissy Baby Jazmine has a naughty secret little abdl fantasy that she shared with me the other day: An extra humiliating fantasy of mine would be if Mistress Lillith arranged… Read More

  • Adult Baby Confessions

    I like to collect little naughty confessions from my adult babies, diaper lovers, and all others out there. This is one that I received the other day that I decided… Read More

  • Throw away your masculine underware

    Can I wear my man underwear mommy? I was appalled when I seen this particular question pop up, on my yahoo instant messenger, one day. What in the world is… Read More

  • Making an Oopsie At work

    Hello my little tinkle potty pants. You aren’t really a diaper lover are you? I mean you don’t mind putting a diaper on and wearing it…but you get your REAL… Read More

  • My Sissy Baby’s Day Out

    You have been such a good baby sissy lately your mommy mistress has decided that you deserve a day out! You know I don’t just let any sissy baby go… Read More

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