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Free Custom Audio Offer from Mommy Lillith

What in the ever living world is this page? Is this for real? Yes my padded and pampered abbie, it is. From time to time you will see this page up ~ Last time I activated this particular form was in 2018. So, jump at the opportunity while you can.

Don’t you charge for customs?

Yes I do, from $5 to $10 per minute for custom content.

So, Why are you offering free customs? Why are you doing it?

Simply put because I want to and it is the beauty of being an AB Mommy. There are a few reasons: I’m just wanting to reward good behavior and rewarding everyone, I’m trying to heighten the morale in this insane world and looking for a little inspiration myself (even ab mommies get a creative block from time to time).

This offer is a win-win for the both of us.

What’s the catch?

There is no payment involved but there is always something I get out of it in return. Read through the form below for all the terms and rules below.

If you would like to be Mommy Lillith’s muse you can submit. This form is set up to disappear/lock after a certain amount of entries. Also, to keep it fair I’ve limited the number of entries per person/IP to 2.

Currently, I am only accepting mp3 requests/submissions and those that provide a script will receive preference.  

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I’m Mommy Lillith, your ABDL Mommy and ABDL Trainer. Welcome to the twisting, ever winding world of Lifestyle Kink and Fetish. Have a padded seat, get comfy and enjoy the ride ~ Contact Me

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