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Below are all the submitted questions I’ve received so far, and I have posted my response. Perhaps someone has already asked the same question you have. Enjoy!

Q: Do you know the best thick cotton diaper? I cannot find one that is good for side sleeping.

A: “Best” is always relative. So, I’ve taken this question and posted it on my twitter. In the next couple of days Ill gather any answers from others and send them your way.


Q: What is it about ABDLs that you like so much? When did you first develop in interest in them?

A: Perhaps it was just a maternal instinct or something that was awoken in me during a sissy party I attended years ago. I met my first sissy baby and was just enamored. From there I developed a few lifestyle abdl connections and continued to expand and grow with my love for it. It’s a bit longer story than that, but that is the gist. 😉


Q: I have a difficult time accepting my abdl side. My partner loves me and accepts that side but I feel I can’t truly express my abdl side around her. I feel guilty buying abdl stuff like diapers and onesies, because I feel like I’m wasting money. Do you have any advice on how to accept and have healthy expression towards my partner involving abdl?

A: If she fully accepts it, why do you hold back? Why do you feel you cant truly express it? Is it because you dont think she ACTUALLY accepts it? The guilt will be there with anything we do when we feel we are hiding what we love. Id say continue to have the open discussions with your partner. Communication is the key. Engage in lifestyle play and add little by little. If she does become uncomfortable with it, discuss why and perhaps the two of you can find a happy medium. With relationships we do accept people for who they are and there are still instances where compromise is the best solution. Since if it was all about one persons feelings or another – that is person vs person and not much of a connection. Just talk, play it out, and keep those lines open. Best of luck doll!


Q: How old were you when you first became aware of the ABDL lifestyle, and how long did it take you to become comfortable with it?

A: I was in my early 20’s when I just kind of fell into it. For me, it just clicked so I can’t say there was a moment I was UNCOMFORTABLE with it. With that said some will ask if Im comfortable with it, with the intention of asking if Im 100% out in the open or my views on that. I am open with those closest to me. Some know just very little and others have much more detail. I don’t announce it to everyone, not because Im uncomfortable – but because I know THEY are and I know this is a lifestyle that is harshly judged – it is so misunderstood and people don’t want to take the time to understand. 🙂



Q: HI Mommy Lillith thank you for reading this, 
do you offer teamvieer lockdown and parental controls web filters etc for a sissys girls pc ?

jessica xx

ps im goning to have to do the diaper checks sometime with you xx

A: Hi Jessica! 🙂

I do. Teamviewer lock down and parental control sessions start at $150 – (half hour to 45 minutes, and I can stay logged in until either you disconnect or I do 😉 ) Yes Id install the parental controls and all that other fun stuff 😉 That covers the lock down itself – and then the session on top or I can record the screen shot and send afterwords of what Ive done (although you can watch exactly what Im doing on your end. 😉 )
I look forward to hearing from you Jessica!
ps diaper checks are fun too 😉


Q: What are the chances of me branding someone to talk to me like a baby and treat me like a baby for free

A: I’d say the chances would be pretty good IF you are willing to do the work. Joining forums and local ABDL groups on fetlife will get you the attention you seek. Just a word of caution, make sure you too are bringing something to the table. If you are looking for online play forums will have that for you — just read their TOS. If you are looking for a lifestyle type scenario, it can be a tad more difficult – because the human element of relationships is brought into play – and relationships can’t just be one-sided (As in one side giving someone a wishlist and expecting them to follow it. It is give and take). Best of Luck!

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