Making an Oopsie At work

Hello my little tinkle potty pants. You aren’t really a diaper lover are you? I mean you don’t mind putting a diaper on and wearing it…but you get your REAL thrill from making an oppsie in your pants.

You like feeling that warm, wet sensation as you empty your bladder inside of your panties or boxer-briefs and pants … and you enjoy that warm, squishy sensation as you empty your bowels. You are a messy little tinkle potty pants. Walking around with wet, soaked jeans – with a smell coming from your body.

Now I want you to take you to make an oopsie at work—behind your desk or wherever you call your workplace.

Start your day off with two cups of coffee and drink a water, at least a full glass (perhaps two) every hour, during your work day.

It doesn’t have to be JUST water –any liquid will suffice – and I certainly don’t want you to water log yourself so be careful if you are using only water.

There will be NO potty breaks for you – you will have to endure the work day with no breaks. After all When it becomes so difficult to the point you are going to have an accident,

That is PRECISELY what I want you to do.

Pee your pants at work my naughty little potty boy.

Excites you doesn’t it?

Do you think anyone would make mention of you making a tinkle in your pants? Think they would snicker and laugh?

Have you ever made an oopsie at work? Tell me about it (comment below, or engage in a potty pants training session with me phone or text)

It would be quite the reaction, and should you be brave enough to actually DO the assignment…I want to hear all about it ~

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