Macho man by day, diapered loser by night

Who are you really? By day you are the boss, the man in charge. Perhaps you wine and dine and charm all the ladies that have caught your eye. You order people around at work and have a plethora of subordinates that answer to you for various reasons.

You are dressed accordingly and certainly not dressed like anyone that enjoys a fetish lifestyle…especially one of the diapered kind.diapered loser boys

Perhaps you are the type that is fairly active in your community. Always making sure you put on a pretty face, keeping your collar clean and not stepping on any toes. Even if there WAS an inkling that you were into a fetish lifestyle, it would be assumed that you would be the dominate one. You would be the one tying girls down and spanking their behinds until they beg and scream for more.

But…that isn’t the case with you, is it?

Its quite the opposite. YOU are the submissive seeking dominate female. Above that, You hold a secret- one that is even regularly hidden from fetishists- Your day time gig is your costume, but who you are at night, is who you REALLY are

…and you are a diapered loser.

You want your mommy mistress to force you into the diapers, force you to wet them, perhaps be a disciplinarian mommy that gives you over the knee, bare bottom spankings when you step out of line. You want to regularly be reminded of where it is you belong…and that is trapped in a fresh, new diaper…day in and day out.

You are in the closet for now, but you have visions of your mommy mistress coaxing you out, somehow outing you to the public and showing everyone who you really are.

Following me, you will become that diapered loser that you know you already are. Perhaps one day that line between the day time you and the night time you will be blurred.

Who knows, very soon, you could be wearing a diaper TO work…then which ‘you’ would you be wearing?

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