Importance of an AB Mommy

We all know the importance of a mommy, but do we know the importance of an ABDL Mommy? I’d go on record as saying that an ABDL Mommy (or daddy) is more important than your traditional mommy and daddy.

Those would be bold claims, but I’ve seen when regular mommy’s turn their faces when their offspring come to them explaining that they want to be diapered full time, and long term.

How many times have YOU asked to be diapered, only to be turned away? How many times have you confessed your desire to be an abdl only to have a wrinkled up nose or a dismissive “I’ll think about it” as a response?

An ABDL Mommy knows what you are going in and is still interested in WHO you are. A proper mommy will want to dig beyond the curiosity of being diapered and treated like an adult baby. While some of you may pop in ‘when you feel like it’ or ‘when you have the time’ – there is quite the community hoping that they find that spark, that connection with an ABDL Mommy or an ABDL Little so they can fulfill a particular need.

There is nothing about you that needs to be ‘FIXED’.

All you need is to adored and loved. Accepted for who you are.

You want full understanding, but in this lifestyle we will accept being loved and accepted. Some can’t understand but if they are open tot trying that would be enough.

Because some choose to not try and understand and choose to hate and degrade. (This is different from the playful diaper humiliation offered by abdl mommies)

ABDL Mommies allow you to have an escape from your perceived vanilla lifestyle for a few moments – for YOUR needs to be met…so that you can function in your vanilla lifestyle.

We are, in a sense, a quiet ABDL Army.

Your ABDL Mommy gives you relief, she breathes new life into you so you can continue on.

Knowing that at least ONE person loves, adores and accepts you just as you are. Just like a mommy should (not just an ABDL mom)

An ABDL Mommy already KNOWS ~ it makes things so much easier when we can go beyond the thing that holds you back from experiencing life.

I hope you find your ABDL Mom so you can engage, release and then go to live your best life.

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  • baby sissypoo

    May 19, 2019 at 9:43 pm

    i want to be re-Mommyed! Instead of being encouraged to be big and strong and brave and independent i need to be encouraged to […] Read Morei want to be re-Mommyed! Instead of being encouraged to be big and strong and brave and independent i need to be encouraged to be weak and timid and indecisive and helpless and dependent. i failed the first way despite my wonderful (late) mother's best efforts, love, and nurturing, and i was always a disappointment to her. One day when i was about 14 i said i thought i might need to start shaving soon, and she looked me in the eye and said i was nothing but a little momma's boy who would never grow hair anywhere but on top of my head. It was a horrible moment and we were never really close again from that point forward. She must have known i was playing with myself in her bras and panties whenever i was alone in the house although she never actually caught me. And sometimes i got all undressed and pottied in my underpants because it felt so good and so right, and then threw them away outside the house in shame, but i was sure she didn't know that, or did she? i was so ashamed of being such a disgraceful sissybaby and became more and more withdrawn. Now i wish i'd had a Mommy who would have smiled approvingly and started keeping me in diapers and turned my room into the nursery it should have been! But of course that couldn't really have happened. i did the best i could in the world for many years while always feeling a little phony and empty inside even when things went well. i never knew intimacy in all those years after learning the hard way i could never please a woman in a mature relationship; something i had absolutely no clue about or any instinct for. i spent many years devoted to being the best sissy crossdresser i could be, but my AB side was with me the whole time too. i slowly came to understand i really had no sex as either man or woman, just a sissybaby who never developed much beyond the toddler stage deep down inside. Just a lost, confused little toddler who should still be in diapers who often regressed all the way back to infancy to feel free from the world and safe in its crib. i'm working on realizing my need for a reverse-image through-the-looking-glass Mommy who will be exactly the opposite of my real mother (to whom i am eternally grateful for all she did for me): comforting, consoling me, and praising me for becoming more and more infantile in every way and discouraging or punishing my phony pretensions to adulthood or masculinity and stripping them all away for my own good. In my imagination, i dream of: A Re-Mommy to reward me for using my soft, snug, warm, comforting diapers instead of the cold, hard, scary loud big-people potty that could swallow me up! To teach me to whimper and snivel and cry for my Mommy like a little baby because i am so completely helpless, instead of being quiet and brave like a big boy. To teach me to babble and gurgle and crawl on the floor instead of use words and stand up and walk. To gently remind me constantly that i can't do anything by myself or think for myself or make any decisions for myself because i am nothing but a little baby featherhead, and need to always ask Mommy for permission before i do anything and always obey my Mommy without talking back. To quickly and lovingly stamp out every little spark of independent thinking or self-confidence or self-assertion i might show, because we both know such sparks can only cause fires that would hurt a little baby like me terribly. To play games with me and read me stories and dress me up all pretty and sweet like Mommy's little sissybaby play doll, and make me feel cared for and protected. To help me be as much like a sweet docile little girl as i can, instead of trying to demand i get my way and pouting if Mommy says no like a nasty spoiled brat. And to make me grateful to Mommy for all the corrections and discipline and punishments we both know i so richly deserve, to help me unlearn everything i was supposed to know about growing up but never could do, and to be a better baby. And to teach me worship my Mommy-Goddess the way she teaches me and asks of me, so she feels i am worth all the fuss and bother and strain on her patience for being so stupid and needy and silly and childish. Because that's all i'm any good for. That ideal Mommy fantasy might come into play for me in some sort of real relationship, as parts of it have over the years. It's the longing of a confirmed semi-recluse's lonely imagination. Having spent a good deal of my life in the spaces where fantasy and reality overlap, i believe as many others do that it's all about the search for healing in some way. Whenever that can happen it is a powerful experience and one to be truly grateful for. Mommy Lillith's wonderful writings are like mother's milk for me! She explains me to myself and leads me to new understandings that point my way forward. Read Less

  • sissy baby chrissy

    May 16, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    I would unequivocally agree. A traditional mother is part biology and part psychology. Even then, there are those who have the biology, but […] Read MoreI would unequivocally agree. A traditional mother is part biology and part psychology. Even then, there are those who have the biology, but lack the temperament to be an effective or "good" mommy. Even when you are lucky enough to have a good mommy, they traditionally view the job as helping you to progress from stage to stage, and any failure on your part to progress is viewed by them, and society, as a failure on their part. How many times have you heard someone comment to a mother, "Oh, he's still in diapers?" and saying it in a fashion that clearly indicates that the mother has failed, since her child should be out of diapers in their opinion. So finding a mother with enough emotional strength to stand up to that pressure is unique. Finding someone who will then be willing to see and accept that that same baby is trapped in an adult body, or even that a baby girl is hidden inside a man's body, is a treasure. Knowing that I can spend even a few minutes with you fills an empty section in my soul in a way nothing else can, and it definitely makes the rest of my life more livable. I love you mommy, and I'm so happy to be your baby girl in cloth diapers and pink ducky pins. Read Less

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