The Humiliation of Being a Diaper Lover

There are some fetishes that rarely go beyond the erotic fantasy realm. Some would love nothing more than to be forced into a pair of frilly panties, forced to walk down the road in some stiletto heels and then forced to suck a juicy, fat cock. Those fantasies sound wonderful in their head and we engage in erotic role play doing just that. However, there are a few fetishes, that are more lifestyle and they reach beyond the fantasy realm.

The reality for diaper lovers, is that they, more often than not, don’t get to really enjoy their diapers just in their mind. It is a part of them. It is something that constantly eats at them until they finally give in, toss the big boy pants aside and grab for the puffy pampers.

They will often fight the feeling, fight the urge, thinking it would go away eventually. But, be honest…how many times does that denied feeling just come back with an even larger, raging uncontrollable desire?

That is perhaps, where the humiliation of being a diaper lover sets in.

Let’s face it. Diaper lovers are of a special breed and are often humiliated, even in the fetlife world.

It is seemingly taboo for a variety of reasons, and yet it’s something diaper lovers can’t really control.

They WANT to be able to wear their diapers in public, 24/7. They want to go to work in them, sit at home in them, go on dinner dates. They want to be able to use those diapers whenever they please both wetting and messing their diapers. But, there is certainly a stigma attached to it.

You are supposed to be a macho man, but you are a diaper lover

You are supposed to use the big boy potty, but you go in your pants

You are supposed to NOT want to be in the diapers, but you do

There is no escaping your diaper loving desires, and as a result there is no escaping the inevitable diaper lover humiliation that goes right along with it.

Are you ready to further explore the humiliation of your diaper loving fetish?

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