Exposed Sissy Baby and Diaper Lovers


Are you an attention seeking diaper lover and sissy baby?

I know you have seen several of my posts on my site that is outing and exposing diaper lovers and sissy babies. I know so many abdl boys and girls that love the attention of having their pictures and stories displayed publicly for all that stumble on my website. You want the exposure, you want the attention, you want the humiliation, you just want it to be OUT there.

When I decide (Or you beg) to expose a diaper lover or expose a sissy baby, I require a couple of photos and a little bit of a back story. Of course I couple it with my own thoughts and views on that particular adult baby / diaper lover. After I create the post and put it up, I will also send out a tweet for my followers and whomever else sees it, to link back and read the post. It stays up permanently. One thing to note is that providing me with a picture you are giving me exclusive rights to said photo, which means you cannot post it/send it somewhere else, nor do you have any rights to ask for it to be taken down. On occasion I will oblige and remove a post, but there is a steep fee involved with such a task. So its best to be careful what you ask for.

There are times that an abbie will find themselves up there as a result of consensual erotic black mail.

You see, THEY agreed to complete certain tasks or certain diaper humiliation assignments or sissy baby assignments ~ and if they didn’t comply, the information and picture they gave me was posted to the public blog. I won’t post information on here without prior permissions.

This blog can get busy, and stories and exposed diaper lovers can be covered up, so I decided to create a place where I put their picture and it links to their post. (plus gives others a chance to find out information on how to get exposed on my blog and twitter)

Which ones asked to become an exposed diaper lover and sissy baby and which ones were forcefully exposed?

I may never tell

Do you want to be in the exposed diaper lover hall of fame?

There is a $50 fee to be placed onto my blog. That fee includes: Blog placement, page placement, immediate tweet after the posting with possible extra tweets later on (at my discretion/time). You have two options for payment. See sessions page for payment information.

What do I need from you to expose you as a diaper lover?

~Up to 3 pictures of you

~Tell me a little bit about you. When it all started, why and why you want to be exposed. 

~Any other pertinent information that you would like included in the posting. 

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