Exposed Diaper Lover: Kenny Kimmell

Exposed Diaper Lover: Kenny Kimmell

Another Exposed Diaper Lover to Out

It is always exciting when I have another exposed diaper lover ready to out themselves. They are required to tell me a bit about themselves, submit a write up about themselves, and submit a few pictures. As always, I wont put an all picture blog post up, It needs substance.

It’s not always about just asking to be outted either. There are lots of sissy babies and diaper lovers our there that WANT to be exposed, they WANT the attention—but I have certain hoops you must cross over first.

Hoops like (1) submitting a written release that could hold up in any court situation. I get the rights to the pictures, so there is no backing out on your end (2) in the event you are desperate to have them come down there is always a steep fee involved and (3) You still need to acknowledge that in the world wide web…pictures and content are lifted and taken without permission. I will never and cant ever be held accountable for that – with that said so long as I have complete control of the rights to the photos it wouldn’t matter anyway. And I make it done in such a way that it IS considered a legal binding contract. There are things I do as far as the photos go to make sure that you have the rights to give in the first place. It is an involved process, but the results are fun for ME and for my exposed diaper lovers. Above all – there is a fee to being exposed.

kenny kimmell - exposed sissy baby

Jumping through all those hoops gets you posted in the exposed diaper lovers hall of fame and you get your only little spot in the internet.

Kenny Kimmell jumped through the hoops, and now we are here. He is being exposed as the diaper loving baby dick that he is.

This diapered loser still lives with his mom!! Guess that is why he needs a mommy mistress! I will commend him on the pictures he sent ~ HAHAHA I had to squint at the first one to see if perhaps there was just a growth on him…but I guess that is where the penis is supposed to be. I’m guessing he’s able to fit into smaller diapers because of that smaller little dick. I wonder if his mommy still have to change his stinkies?exposed diaper lover -- tiny dick, sph

Here is what Kenny Kimmell had to say in his little excerpt:

“My name is Kenny Kimmell, I’m 31 years old, and I live in central New Jersey with my mom. I have a small baby dick and I love wearing diapers. I pee and poop in them like a baby. I haven’t gotten laid in a few years. I have an overactive bladder and I pee a lot so diapers help. I used to wet the bed until I was a teenager and I’ve wet the bed in my adult life a few times. My bedroom often smells like pee. I try dating normal girls but they always run away when they learn I wear diapers. I need to let the world know I wear diapers so girls stop getting disappointed.”

If you see Kenny on twitter, let him know you KNOW about his tiny dicked, diaper wearing fetish lifestyle…Kenny Kimmell is being exposed diaper loverexposed and being inducted into the diaper lovers exposed hall of fame.

Welcome home…there is no turning back.

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