Even ABDL Mommies get burnt out

But, I didn’t purge. I paused.

It has certainly been a while since Mommy Mistress has graced you with another delightful posting for you to indulge. I’m never fulling gone, I’m usually lerking and watching. Even when I’m a little burdened by my own day to day life, I never fully leave the world of Femdom and ABDL. It is very much apart of who I am. Just like it is a part of who you are. Even ABDL Mommies get burnt out. Burn out isn’t always or easily fixed within a short time frame. I know a handful of people in the vanilla world and femdom world that struggle for several years with trying to move past a burn out.

I decided to post about said burnout because it’s important for me to show by doing. I always talk to my lovelie abbies, sissy babies and subbies about the urge to purge. Mommy Lillith doesn’t purge. I understand that sometimes there will be breaks and I understand that I’m likely to always come back. If I just took everything down and deleted it forever…I would be lost when my own desires and needs start rearing their heads again.

Being in the kink/fetish world, whether its an “every so often” or more of a lifestyle thing can be difficult and overwhelming at times. We are different and go against acceptable societal norms. When you are down, It’s a constant struggle to fight the urge to purge and forgo your kinky lifestyle, and it can feel like an impossible feat to accept yourself and your urges. However, it’s important to remember that it is possible to take a break and NOT throw your things away. I have not yet come across an diaper lover or adult baby that left the abdl world indefinitely.

We all know that the abdl things we collect : adult baby diapers, sissy pacifiers, satin panties, abdl and sissy clothing, etc. That is all very expensive and you know the amount of time you’ve spent searching the world wide web for that perfect piece of adbl paraphernalia. Very rarely are those items just an after thought or a side though.

Resist the urge to purge. Don’t Purge. Just Pause.

Learning to tuck things away until they come back into your life will help you maintain those healthier kinky lifestyles. It’s all about balance. Sometimes my littles get so eager to be everything all at once, but just as hard as you are hitting that fetish pavement, the harder you may crash. Mommy Lillith always wants to avoid the crash as much as possible.

Don’t purge. Pause.

Allow yourself time to go through whatever it is you need to focus on. Relax and take a break. Don’t worry yourself over how long it’s been. It’s part of you and yourlifestyle, it will come back.

It can be hard for abbies because we are in a very special niche of the fetish lifestyle world. It’s hard for others to truely grasp and understand. For those reasons I think burn out and purging is more common among my abdl and sissy follows as opposed to others.

You are doing a fantastic job my lovelies.

Remember that you are worthy and deserving of love and acceptance, diapered, sissified and all. It’s also ok to take a break.

Mommy still loves you and Mommy Lillith is still around.

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