Diaper Trainees and Diaper Checks

Diaper checks are a requirement when you are one of my diaper lover trainees

It is just like my little pets locked in chastity, they are required to show proof they are still locked, and you are required to show proof that YOU are still wearing a diaper. It is quite simple really.

  • It keeps you on your toes.
  • It keeps you honest
Some of my adult baby diaper lovers think they can pull one over on this phone mommy, but, you cannot. I always find out the truth.

It is a simple task, but for some reason has many of you on edge. That is what it’s supposed to do. I want you to be a little uncomfortable, wondering when your ABDL mommy will do a diaper check.

The diaper checks are never the same

I do expect a picture of you in your diaper emailed or sent as a file via instant message. But, I make it so that you can’t just stock pile a bunch of pictures. One day you may have to take a picture holding proof of the date and time next to it. One day may be a particular symbol that I have you draw on yourself just before, or have you making a particular hand gesture, or even take a picture of a particular angle.

You are given a specific amount of time to complete the task, and should you FAIL that task there is certain punishments and more requirements to meet before I even consider forgiving you for not keeping up.

As an added note, regardless of WHY you didn’t complete the task—it is seen as you not abiding by the rules I’ve given you for your full time diaper wearing training, or diaper training in general. Excuses are not excusable; I am a strict abdl phone mommy.

Think you could handle random diaper checks? Well, if you are one of my diaper trainees—you are expected to, whether you can handle them or not.
The REAL question is…where will YOU be when I require one?


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