Diaper Humiliation: To Poo or Not to Poo

To poo or not to poo. That was the question that entered my mind the first time doing a diaper humiliation session with Mistress.

I had never worn adult diapers before, but was curious and since I have a bit of a humiliation fetish, I felt as though that would play right into it. I figured she would make me tinkle. What else would I do with a diaper? If you are going to be forced to wear a diaper, then clearly mommy mistress would force you to USE the diaper. I did assume it was just pee-pee.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if she would ask me to do number 2. I didn’t know if she would ask and I didn’t know if I could go along with it if she DID ask.

That first diaper humiliation session was better than I imagined.

Mommy Lillith was in complete and total control over her newbie diaper lover. She was actually nice to me. Perhaps it was because I was such a newbie and very naïve. There was something sinister in the way she laughed. Was she being nice? Was she poking some fun at my expense? I guess that would be my naïveté poking through.

I struggled to wet my diaper. I was incredibly nervous. She had me on cam, and KNEW whether or not I was doing as told. I was relieved (pardon the pun) to not have to try and FILL the diaper until it sprung a leak. She had mentioned that, that may be in the cards for me one day.

I did get to breathe a sigh of relief that this time she hadn’t asked me…but that relief was soon pulled from me.

The second diaper humiliation session I found myself much more comfortable peeing. Perhaps too comfortable, because Mommy Lillith picked up on my ease and comfort level with having to pee on demand. Then…the demand came.

She made me poop in my diaper

I had to catch my breath. You could tell she seen the shock in my face as she laughed, crossed her arms and demanded I follow through. I thought to myself “could I do it? Should I do it?”

Here I am a grown man. Never been in a diaper before. Yes I am a humiliation addict, but had never experienced diaper humiliation – guess there is a first time for everything. And she certainly seemed to thrive on “popping my diaper pooping cherry”

Mistress Lillith is intoxicating, her demands may seem like a stretch, but she is worth it. She had me hypnotized

Sure enough after some coaxing, I found myself pushing out a big ball of poop.

Was I embarrassed? Hell Yes. Humiliated? Over the top. But, in a weird way, I was also proud for completing her diaper humiliation task. I was happy to please my mistress, and isn’t that what you are supposed to be doing in femdom sessions regardless of your fetish? I think it is.

The next time we had a session, I was instructed to put wife’s panties OVER the top of my diapers. I did have to use them, and I had to hope that it didn’t spill out and stain my wife’s panties. Of course I complied, I may be her diaper wearing humiliation slut, but I’m not stupid.

*Guest post from a newbie diaper lover of mine. Current clients are welcome to request to become a guest poster, please contact me if you’d like to guest blog*

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