Diaper Denial

I’m not sure why you continually fight the desire and fight the urge. You are in a serious case of diaper denial. You don’t think you need them, you think that you can just toss what you have left and never return to them again. ..

How many find themselves, right now, looking up adult diaper blogs and sites? How many right now are trying to convince themselves that this is NOT for them? If you have to convince yourself that it isn’t for you…oh my beloved diaper lover…it IS for you. It IS you…this is more than just a 15-minute masturbation fetish. Being a diaper lover is most definitely a lifestyle. A fetish lifestyle that you can not deny. Quit with your diaper denial. You belong in diapers.

You have always belonged in diapers

Even if I have to drag your fake macho ass down and force you into a diaper I will make sure to break you of your diaper denial habits. Once you feel the crinkle of those adult diapers you will remember why you belong in them.

I say ‘fake macho ass’ because let’s face it, you certainly aren’t a real man…never was and never will be. You only hope that one day you could become a man but there is no basis for that hope.

Rather, you need to let go of your diaper denial and just slap one on. Spend the day in it. Whether it is your first time actually taking the steps to put one on OR it is the first time in a while, I bet you will take to it like fish to water. (Or like an adult baby to an adult diaper — it’s a magnetic attraction)

Your diapers are something you need, something you depend on. Lucky for you, you have a ABDL Mommy Mistress to encourage you, guide you…FORCE YOU into diapers if necessary. I know this is where you ultimately belong, where you ultimately need to be.

Stop living in diaper denial – and put one on.

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  • Darryl

    October 24, 2018 at 2:53 am

    Turn me into one of you

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