Diaper Check FAQ

TLDR : What do I do?

  • Fill out the diaper check scheduling form
  • Determine how long you want to be checked in on 24 hours – 7 days
  • Pay for your checks
    • 24 hours – $30
    • 2 days/weekend – $60
    • 3 days – $90
    • 5 days – $150
    • 7 days- $175
  • Wear your diapers and get checked in on by me throughout the day

How do I sign up for Diaper Checks?

Fill out the diaper check scheduling form. Pay for them after sending. Mommy will start to check if you are wearing your diapers the following day or on the date requested on the diaper check scheduling form.

How do I pay for the Diaper Checks?

*Review my payment options under the payment tab, these options will also be sent to you in an automated email after you fill out your diaper check scheduling form*


 What do the diaper checks entail?

I use email and/or skype messaging to check in on you. I will need your email and/or skype name to check your diapers.

I will send you a message for a diaper check

I will give you a specified amount of time to snap a picture of you wearing your diaper and expect that picture before that time is expired. There will be a specific request to show you are, in fact, wearing the diaper and it’s not just a stock of pictures of your diaper (for example you may have to draw a shape, or hold a specific item next to the diaper). These pictures will not be shared or posted. Diaper checks do not include any sort of erotic blackmail roleplay or exposure from my end.

This isn’t automated and you do receive actual responses/feedback from me during the duration of your diaper wearing.

*It is up to YOU to check the forms of communication made available to me. If I send you an email and you do not respond, it will result in a missed diaper check — NO EXCUSES*

When will diaper checks happen?

Simply put, diaper checks are at random.

Diaper Check Length and Options

24 hours – I expect you to be diapered for the full 24 hours and will not offer a black out option. You can handle a single day of diaper wearing.

Weekend (2 days) – I expect you to be diapered for the entire weekend. There will be no black out option for the weekend. This is to push yourself into wearing more often

3 – 7 Day options – Black out times are optional and designated by you. Just fill them out in the scheduling form (Please note all times need to be and will be assumed to be in central time)

Specifics on the time frame of when diaper checks can occur will be discussed on an individual basis ~ defined by you on the scheduling form.

How many times will you check to see if I’m in my diaper?

As many times as I want- and the number will vary. But for minimums:

At LEAST 5 times a day – many of my diaper check abbies will tell you It’s rare when it is ONLY 5 times a day.

What happens if I fail a diaper check?

Missed diaper check punishments will vary from a little bit of a verbal discipline/warning , me repeating the request or me not checking in until you have acknowledged your missed diaper check

The point of diaper checks is to encourage you to be diapered full time for an extended period of time. For those wanting to go 24/7 – it all starts with a day. If you can do a day, you can do 2. If you can do 5 days, you can do a week…if you can do a week you can go onward and upward with your diaper training.

What happens if I pass all of my diaper checks?

Good for you. You are supposed to. LOL You will get an acknowledgment of ‘good job’ or something similar but if you are wanting play time – then sign up for a texting session, phone session or cam to cam session. Mommy Lillith doesn’t reward you for something you are supposed to be doing in the first place.

 When do I start/ How do I sign up?

  • Fill out the diaper check scheduling form
  • Pay for your checks
  • Wear your diapers and get checked
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