Daily Diaper Dare Challenge


My diaper lovers – LOVE a good diaper dare challenge.

They love to complete diaper dares and assignments that involve them wearing the thing they love most – their adult diapers.

Sometimes these diaper dare assignments are in a public venue with a shirt tucked into the back of the diaper and their diaper hanging out – just walking through a department store – taking note of any glances, whispers or chuckles they may encounter.

Some assignments are more private, like decorating a diaper and having a marathon diaper wearing event in the comfort of their own home.

The creativity of my diaper wearing dares are never ceasing, never ending. So, I’ve decided to come up with a daily diaper challenge.

Each one is different, each one varies in degree of intensity (Depending on the diaper lovers comfort levels and their personal definition of what intense means). Some may be incredibly simple to complete and others may seem like they are impossible. You don’t get to decide if you take the diaper dare challenge. It is a diaper dare. It is designed to push your limits and make you squirm – and at times give you something fun to accomplish and enjoy being the diaper wearer and lover that you are.

Every morning you will receive an email with your diaper challenge to complete. It will range, and no I will not offer a ‘freebie’ email – to get ideas, go through my blog ;). There will be a request for picture proof – it will mostly be pictures, on occasion it could be video. Sending in the requested proof is what proves that you completed the challenge – I will gladly crown the diaper dare challenge champion on this page and they may make it into the diaper lover hall of fame. Each time you complete it, a tally mark is made. If you don’t, then no tally mark.

If you think you are ready for the daily diaper challenge…look below for the FAQ and how to sign up ~ Enjoy diaper lovers!

How long does the daily diaper challenge last?

You will decide if you want to take the 7, 14, 30 daily diaper dare challenge. You are welcome to re-new the diaper challenge at the end of your dare for a longer challenge.

How do I sign up?

Decide how long you want the daily diaper challenge emails to come in (7, 14, 30). Make payment using one of the available payment options. Then give me your email that you want to receive the dares at. I won’t make you fill out a questionnaire a head of time like I do with the ABDL daycare contract.

How much does it cost?

7 day – $50
14 day – $90
30 day – $170

What if I don’t complete a task or what If I don’t LIKE the task?

Then you don’t get the credit for that task. I will allow a maximum of 48 hours to complete each task (which means that yes, you can complete two dares at once). After that, if you complete it—great! But doesn’t go into your points earned for the Challenge Champion.

If you don’t like the task – well, it’s a dare. LOL I won’t twist your arm to complete it. If you want someone breathing down your diapered bottom to complete it, then set up a phone, cam, text or personal email training session for extra diaper loving attention.

For the diaper dare challenges, I won’t send a ‘new’ one if you don’t like it. You will receive the new diaper challenge the next morning when the new email comes in.

What is the Diaper Dare Challenge Champion?

The Diaper Dare Challenge Champion is someone that completes all of the tasks on time, for their diaper challenge. Each one has the opportunity to have one picture (no face) and a name (baby names ok) on the champion wall. I will divide it into 3 categories ~

(1) Diaper Dare Challenge Completion (7, 14, 30 days specified)

(2) Longest diaper dare challenge run (completion of daily tasks in a row, without fail)

(3) Most challenges completed (each challenge completed receives credit towards this one)

You DON’T have to be a part of the champion circle if you don’t want to be. And it is possible to be a champion in the different categories.


Ready to take the Daily Diaper Dare Challenge? I double dog dare you!

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