ABDL Countdown to 2019

Are you happy with the roads your ABDL journey have taken you on this year? Some STARTED their journey this year, some morphed and changed, some were happy staying the course with their diaper wearing here and there.

I can tell you that I have been THRILLED with the growth of my adult babies, sissy babies and diaper lovers. For me, it is fascinating to see where they start and where they wind up. It is sad to see a few fall off the journey due to personal reasons and outside pressures, but, I always have faith that they will be right back before long.

Being into the ABDL Kink and Fetish lifestyle, you know that it isn’t something you can simply purge.

You may try,  but try as you might – you always get right back on track and sometimes that urge comes with a vengeance and the need becomes more intense that it was before. (I say this to my sissies as well – it is more than just panties, and it is more than just diapers)

Regardless of whether you are happy with your journey, just know that I embrace and adore exactly where you are on your path.

I wanted to make mention of a few of my abbies that have had tremendous growth this year (even though a few it’s been growth over a few years). Perhaps reading a bit about them, will help you understand more about YOU –

Over the next 3 days there will be a post pertaining to an adult baby, diaper lover, or sissy baby that is near and dear to my heart. Perhaps their stories will give YOU inspiration to up your abdl “game” in the new year. 2018 will become 2019 in just a few short days and YOU can change and morph.

This isn’t a ‘NEW YEAR, NEW ME’ spiel – this is more of a New Year, Same you … but now is the time to EMBRACE you.

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