How to get in-touch with Mommy Lillith

What is my schedule? Short anwser – “Catch me while you can”

I don’t keep a very steady schedule. Any one of my pets could tell you that. You will USUALLY find me between 10 and noon and after 6 until around 10  central during the week and my weekend schedule varies so drastically that it’s not even worth mentioning. I *do* accept appointments.

For one on one sessions with me, you can call, text or cam. Rates and how to contact below ~

Rates are: Texting $3.00 | Phone $3.00 | Cam *Varies / $50 minimum*

Phone/voice Options are available through the phone button, over skype voice and through my 855-LILLITH or 855-50-SISSY number. Understand that my 855 number is for appointments only and will not be anwsered without a standing/confirmed appointment.

Call Mistress Lillith for phone sex on – No private messages on that platform or text chat on that platform regarding anything that violates the TOS of niteflirt will be permitted and you will be re-directed accordingly.

Text chat is available through and via skype after payment is made through one of my payment options.

Other platforms may offer similar chat experiences, however since ABDL often breaks TOS no written communication will take place via those avenues and you will be re-directed.

Cam to cam sessions are through skype. You can add me on skype Mistress.Lillith

*When adding me on skype its very important to let me know where you are adding me from. I won’t add if I don’t know. Skype is also NOT to be used as a casual chit chat forum.

*Please note: Im VERY RARELY just randomly available on skype for webcam. I’m often around and available for texting or calls but very rarely for came. It’s highly suggested to set up an appointment. You will also see me post to Twitter or my skype status update bar.

*Cam sessions also require a minimum of 20 minutes as opposed to 10 minute minimums for texting and phone mommy sessions.

Wondering where my in-person session and abdl sitting rates are?

Those are only offered to established long term clients at this time and vary based on a multitude of factors. I’ll post them if/when they become an option. If you ask me if we can meet, the blanket anwser is no.

A few other Things

  • I DON’T ACCEPT PAYPAL. Please stop asking.
  • Cash app Accepted from approved playmates
  • Amazon GC occasionally accepted with additional tribute
  • My rates pertain to per-minute / per-session and ongoing long term clients

Yes, this experienced abdl and phone mommy charges for her time and services. I have ample real time, real world experience and continue to engage regularly in my own real time world. With that said, I will not engage in my training services for free. You are welcome to engage with me on Twitter @abmommylillith or other forums that I am apart of. If you want a ‘free abdl mom’ then I suggest joining your local fetlife group or seeking other ABDL Forums and reaching out to form a lifestyle connection. It does take quite a bit of leg work on your end but you can do it, if that is the route you seek. For some tips and tricks you can read my how to find a mistress blog post(pertains to how to find an ABDL mommy or partner too). You can also read my Don’t get scammed post regarding those that charge for their services.

About Me

I’m Mommy Lillith, your ABDL Mommy and ABDL Trainer. Welcome to the twisting, ever winding world of Lifestyle Kink and Fetish. Have a padded seat, get comfy and enjoy the ride ~ Contact Me

Call Mistress Lillith for phone sex on

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