Bed-Wetting Competition

Bed Wetting Competition

After chatting with the amazing ABDL Author, Rosalie Bent we decided to host a bed wetting competition for the month of April.

It will begin April 1st and run until April 30th.

Mommy Lillith and Miss Rosalie want to see all of your soaking wet bed sheets!

We will be offering prizes each week in each of the categories.

Categories include:

  1. Basic wet bed – first, second or third night on the same sheets
  2. Extended wet bed – 5+ nights in the same sheets
  3. Couple’s wet bed (you will need to show evidence that you are a real couple sorry!)

There will be weekly prizes for the best wet bed photo in each category and an overall prize at the end of the month.

Prizes include your choice of 3 AB Discovery books and a bedwetting hypnosis mp3 from Mommy Lillith and the over all prize wins 15 AB Discovery books AND a custom audio of your choice/topic (up to 30 minutes) from Mommy Lillith

Picture proof and YOU HAVE TO BE 18+ to enter. Let’s see how wet your bed can get!

For the complete list of rules and how to enter please visit:

And be sure to follow Rosalie (@rosaliebent10) and Mommy Lillith (@abmommylillith) on twitter for updates and ABDL discussion and fun.

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