When did you become a diaper lover

There is a commonality among diaper lovers – that being, that this particular lifestyle (or just fun little fetish for a few) begins at a very young age. I haven’t run across to many diaper lovers that just woke up one morning and had a desire to put on a diaper. That is not to say it doesn’t happen, it’s just rare.

Even WHEN that rarity comes about, you have to ask why?

I bet when you find that anwser, that anwser is somewhere along the lines of ‘I’ve always wanted to try it’

I do like to ask the question –

When did you become a diaper lover?

Was it during your prepubesent years when you would steal diapers from a younger sibling to put them on? Would you prance around your room, shaking that padded bum and pretending mommy was in there baby-ing you instead?

Or perhaps you had a naughty babysitter than enjoyed playing dress up with her sweet little babykins. Perhaps those times of you being forced into a diaper at a young age just grew up with you and you’ve always enjoyed it.

There is also the situation where you have a vengful step-mother that forced your age regression and constantly treats you like a baby to humiliate you and degrade you further, to show you that she is the ‘top bitch’ around here…and you are the bottom!

There is always a starting point to becoming what you are. There is always some type of catalyst that forces you out of your shell – and forces you to begin a lifestyle you may not have seen before.

You ARE a diaper lover my dear. When did YOU discover your love and obsession with diapers?

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