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  • Kinky Diaper Assignment

    This Diaper Assignment is a kinky outing type assignment. I don’t always post assignments for everyone to see but every so often I want to see the response with completed… Read More

  • Exposed Diaper Lover: Kenny Kimmell

    Exposed Diaper Lover: Kenny Kimmell Another Exposed Diaper Lover to Out It is always exciting when I have another exposed diaper lover ready to out themselves. They are required to… Read More

  • Santa Gives Coals, Mommy Gives Bare Bottom Spankings

    If you have been a naughty sissy baby or adult baby or even a naughty little diaper lover this year you know Mommy Mistress Lillith is just waiting for the… Read More

  • Sissy Pissy Puddle Maker

    You are a messy little diaper lover in training aren’t you? I say, “in training” because you are a diaper lover that doesn’t yet KNOW you are a diaper lover.… Read More

  • The Humiliation of Being a Diaper Lover

    There are some fetishes that rarely go beyond the erotic fantasy realm. Some would love nothing more than to be forced into a pair of frilly panties, forced to walk… Read More

  • When did you become a diaper lover

    There is a commonality among diaper lovers – that being, that this particular lifestyle (or just fun little fetish for a few) begins at a very young age. I haven’t… Read More

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I’m Mommy Lillith, your ABDL Mommy and ABDL Trainer. Welcome to the twisting, ever winding world of Lifestyle Kink and Fetish. Have a padded seat, get comfy and enjoy the ride ~ Contact Me

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