Adult Baby Confessions

I like to collect little naughty confessions from my adult babies, diaper lovers, and all others out there. This is one that I received the other day that I decided to share with you all

This Adult Baby Confession is from Baby Ben:

Mistress, my confession is that I love diapers and want to be treated like a baby.

Along with several other fetishes that I’d like to all come together such as: I want to be forced to be a baby, humiliated for being a baby all the time even in public, enema play, anal play, and baby wants to sit on the floor in his diapers using mommy’s feet as a teether, and be dressed by mommy any way she wants maybe she’d like a baby girl !! Mmmmh!!!

Sorry my little penis (might as well be a little girl clitty covered by thick diapers)

My sweet little sissy baby, we would have so much fun together! I know that not all of my adult sissy babies come in a perfectly compact little box, they are not cookie cutter, and not one size fits all. I would love to explore other fetishes to accompany your desire to want to wear diapers and be treated like a baby.

I look forward to our sessions together.

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