ABDL Types

ABDL Types

You don’t always know what you are looking for until you stumble on it. That is how I became an ABDL Mommy! I stumbled into it, and it clicked. I’ve been in love ever sense. So below are just some of the ABDL Types, but it certainly is NOT an inclusive list. Some of this is to get the creative juices going for a fun diaper play session, or sissy baby training.

You can be a diaper lover and not be an adult baby. Maybe you arean adult baby but not be interested in being a sissy baby. OR, You could be an abbie that WANTS IT ALL! In my world – we get to have our cake and eat it too.

Adult Baby / Age Regression

Do you like giving up full control and having a maternal figure take that control. I bet you enjoy taking a moment to go back to those more simple ages. It was a simple time for you. You want to go back to that. You want training to be the adult baby you crave, you crave an experienced phone mommy to help you go backwards in age. Hit rewind and get to experience life as the real abbie you.

Sissy Babies

Are you a Sissy Baby? Would you like your Mommy mistress to finish up your snack time, change your diaper and read a nice little story to you before laying you down for your nap? I bet you look absolutely ADORABLE in your pink frilly plastic adult diaper…I can hear the swish as you walk back and forth in it. It makes a nice sound when I bend you over my knee and give you a little swat for miss behaving to! I just LOVE dressing up my sissy babies. The poofier the dress, the BETTER. I’m thinking a little miss muffet outfit with an extra thick petticoat underneath. mmm and let’s not forget the pink satin bonnet and personalized binkine to put in your mouth. I love my sissy babies. Googoo GaaGaa!

Diaper Humiliation and Punishment

Maybe YOU dont think that you deserve to be in this diaper. But you do. I don’t care that you are the macho man at work, or have some notion that you are. YOU deserve to be humiliated BEYOND repair. I want you so red in the cheeks that I won’t NEED to put on some pretty pink blush. You have been bad haven’t you my submissive play thing? And because of that you will now succumb to Mistress Lillith’s diaper humiliation of my diaper loving boys. Don’t deny it, Don’t fight it–This is what you deserve.

Diaper Lovers and Training

Perhaps you are NOT necessarily looking for diaper humiliation. Maybe you are just diving into the ab/dl fetish and are wanting some training for you to break free of the ‘norm’ of wearing ‘grown up’ panties and boxer shorts. I will train you to LOVE your diaper. I will train you on HOW to use your diaper. How naughty do you get when that little prick rubs up the cotton-y cushion of the diaper? Does it become even more aroused and erect when you masturbate while wearing your diaper? Say it out loud my Diaper lover…”I LOVE DIAPER”

Forced Bi/ Feminization

This is ALWAYS a fun one for me REGARDLESS of WHY or WHAT you are being coerced into it.

Look at how you shake…how you DENY your feelings of wanting to be forced to suck a big dick while wearing your little miss muffet outfit, poofy diaper, fold over lace socks and black buckle shoes. You know what would make me happy and you will do it. Not because you want to…but because you DON’T. And making you do the most humiliating degrading sexual tasks I can think of–excite me to no end. You may be forced to suck cock, or forced to wear a diaper, or forced to look like the little sissy baby you are. It doesn’t have to stop there…forced or coerced, you know this is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. Hell, Why don’t I turn things up a notch and add in some public humiliation to it?

 Disciplinarian Mommy

Have you been a bad sissy baby? or do you just enjoy mixing together several different fetishes that gets your man pussy puckering? (as a fetishist, I understand completely.  Let’s spank that ‘widdle’ bottom while I have your diaper on, and then pulled just slightly down so I can turn those ass cheeks a BRIGHT red. I may want to have them welted and stinging for days. Looking for a more sadistic approach? How about we add some cock and ball torture to your adult baby, diaper lover disciplinarian fetish. mmmm, I can feel myself starting to drool over being able to punish my naughty adult baby.

Chastity/Incontinence/UN-Potty Training

As a sissy baby, adult baby and/or diaper lover there are certain expectations that may be required of you. Certain trainings that you may undergo as you continue on with this abdl lifestyle. Those could include chastity training where your mommy mistress locks away that little clit stick so you can’t play with it or let it squirt. It could be incontinence and un-potty training…teaching you to not use the ‘grown up’ potty–rather making you use your adult baby diaper to do your… business–AND teaching you to go anywhere, and everywhere…regardless if you are alone at home or in a busy shopping center.

Adult Baby, Sissy Transformation Erotic Hypnosis

Mommy Lillith will also aid her adult babies and diaper lovers with their subconsciousness growth as well. This is especially useful for re-working your mind to help with your new lifestyle, to place certain triggers that would cause you to go into that subspace, that certain sissy mode.

Diapers, Fetish, and Kink – Oh My!

How many times do I have to tell you that there is no such thing as a cookie cutter abbie? In the world of fetish, kink and open sexuality – so long as all things are safe, sane and consensual – anything and everything goes. Don’t be afraid to try something new and get out of your comfort zone. I often tell any of my submissives – diaper lovers and more vanilla subs alike…it is quite a rabbit hole I can take you down. Go with the flow and be prepared to explore new worlds. That is what life is all about!

About Me

I’m Mommy Lillith, your ABDL Mommy and ABDL Trainer. Welcome to the twisting, ever winding world of Lifestyle Kink and Fetish. Have a padded seat, get comfy and enjoy the ride ~ Contact Me

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