ABDL is not pedophilia

ABDL is NOT pedophilia.

I think that is why so many shy away from it or why it is one of the most shunned lifestyles in the world of kink. It is one of those fetishes that you either get or you don’t. It is like living a double lifestyle of a double lifestyle. — a double, double life dilemma.

Obviously, one size does not fit all, but for me and for the majority of adult babies and diaper lovers…ABDL Is NOT pedophilia.

I wish I could climb the tallest building and shout it from the roof tops.

When I have a new abbie call in and tell me how happy they are to have somone that gets it…it put’s a smile on my face.

I am a mommy mistress that understands the nature of the abdl lifestyle and fetish.

It’s about total loss of control. It’s about regressing to that place in your mind to a point at which you were most vulnerable. It’s about having to rely on someone else to complete even the simplest tasks and going into a subspace that only allows you to do what your abdl mommy makes you or allows you to do.

ABDL is NOT a one-size-fits all lifestyle either.

AB  is an adult baby. Someone that enjoys giving up the control. Sometimes they are adult sissy babies and like to be dressed up in frilly dresses, some are simply adult babies that want to be babyfied, treated like a baby, talked to like a baby, forced to act like a baby, being humiliated for being a baby rather than the man he should be.

DL is a diaper lover. Someone that just simply enjoys wearing a diaper. Sometimes it’s JUST wearing the diaper, other times it’s using the diaper or completing diaper dares and tasks while wearing them.

While almost all adult babies are also diaper lovers, not all diaper lovers are adult babies.

Sometimes the abdl will have fantasies and release to complete the trifecta of diaper wearing, but sometimes sexual gratification doesn’t even play a significant role in the lifestyle.

Oftentimes, it’s not about sex. It’s about the feeling.

Each of my abbies have their own little qwerks that I simply adore about them.

The next time you hear about a diaper wearer or an adult baby. Ask questions rather than pass judgment. You will either get it or you won’t and that is ok. It is the world we live in and this is a fetish and lifestyle that isn’t grasped by many.

I, for one, grasp it and embrace it. Mommy mistress is here for her abbies!

Because this is not a one size fits all lifestyle and kink I feel the need to add the disclaimer: If you are an abbie and feel pedophilia is a part of the lifestyle…I am not the abdl mommy for you. It really isn’t a part of the base of it…it’s something extra you added in. No judgment, what happens between consenting adults is none of anyone’s business – it’s just not a kink I indulge in. 

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