ABDL Honor Roll

2017 ABDL Honor Roll Recipients

January – Sissy Baby Julie

February- Happy Diaper Lover

March – TBA

April- TBA

May – TBD


Want to know how to get a spot on the ABDL Honor Roll?

Each month I will showcase ONE of my current adult baby, diaper lover trainees and they will earn the spot of ABDL Honor Roll recipient.

This isn’t something you can purchase nor pay for outright – it is a placement that has to be earned and offered to you from your Mommy Mistress. You can certainly inquire about it, but only time will tell if you are really deserving of the title.

My ABDL Honor Roll recipients will range from those that I have trained for years, to those that have just begun training but have captured my attention and delighted me to the fullest.

*It is also entirely possible that one month may not have a recipient, or it may and the person will not want their story told in which case Ill just update the list above AND some Abbies to earn it twice in a year. It really is up to me how I do it. 😉 Throwing fits will result in you not even being considered. lol*

How can you be considered for it?

~Become an abdl caller/trainee of mine

~Follow through with any and all assignments given

~ALWAYS be respectful to Mommy, having a good attitude and respecting my time is a must.

There is nothing else that I could point out that would put you in good standings. Being yourself and being truthful, and having a connection with your mommy mistress are what are important. If you are being considered, so long as I have you on skype or email I’ll let you know 😉

This isn’t a blackmail kind of thing. All pictures and any personal information are only used with prior consent (But pictures are not required, and personal info can be omitted) This is a bit of abdl exposure – but in a loving sense. If I do have a picture, I will edit and stamp it with ‘ABDL Honor Roll Recipient’ and it will remain the featured picture of this page until the next month’s recipient is announced.

Only one can be named a month and I will not change that. Above are the 2017 recipients and the links to their posts – TBA denotes that someone has been chosen for the month already and it will be announced when that month comes around.


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