ABDL Honor Roll – Sissy Baby Julie

Since April of 2016 Lil’ Miss Julie has come to me for sissy baby hypnosis sessions. I have loved taking her deep into her subconscious where she can be the baby that she has always wanted to be and do the things she has always wanted to do.

Some of her mental barriers have been tougher to crack but we have always found ways around those barriers and now my prissy little sissy baby KNOWS what her dominant abdl mommy expects. We’ve worked on un-potty training, bed wetting and when lil baby Julie does what she is supposed to do…she gets extra special play time to complete the dirty diaper trifecta.

I adore my abbie Julie. She is always eager to please and that is why she gets the spotlight for the month of January. J

I love playing dress up with her too. Don’t you want to be my perfect porcelain princess in your puffy pink pampers?

Look how adorable she is in her satin pink corset and puffy tu-tu.  She is my perfect little dress me up doll. Always in her Sunday best.

I decided to write a little nursery rhyme for my good little sissy baby Julie (to the tune of little miss muffet)

Lil Ms. Julie…made a big doodie…filling her diaper so well. She danced and she twirled like a good baby girl and it made her clitty swell

She knows how to show love and affection for her mommy mistress and I love being able to return that affection.

Time to get back to work on furthering the weakness of your bladder and I do believe some special time is in order for you being such a good girl to make mommy’s abdl honor roll!


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