ABDL Countdown: Slow and Steady to Fast and Furious

Next up in the countdown is a shout out to an enthusiastically eager little sissy girl. (Yes, I have a lot of sissy babies ? )

I could almost say that she has done a bit of an ABDL Checklist transition. I gave you some of the tools she needed to make the transition from sissy to sissy baby and she went right down the light.

She was named as one of my ABDL Sissy Baby’s of the Month. (I know I only did a couple months of that and then dropped off, my attention shifted, it happens, and I know it was in 2017 – My diaper lovers and adult babies tend to stick around for a while ? )

I remember her showing interest in becoming a sissy baby.

She loved being a sissy. Wearing pretty bras and panties – but something was missing. My little sissy baby called me up and wanted to train to wear diapers and start her journey in becoming a sissy baby.

Yes, there was a bit of a slow and steady push and pull as I un-potty trained her. Wetting diapers is usually done with ease. Wetting in your sleep can even be done but does take some time. Making a poo-poo in the diaper can take quite a bit of work.

I guess to those OUTSIDE of the ABDL World wouldn’t understand – but I remember when she called to tell me she made a stinky in that diapee for the first time, in a public. I was BRIMMING with pride.

You can read a little bit about Sissy Baby Katie and her transition.

Once that first poopoo was made it was like a flood gate had opened and everything was falling into place.

She understands that unpotty training takes time. She knew that there would be a few difficult spots and she also knew there was no turning back. The longer she remains unpotty trained, the more permanent it becomes.

She is diapered full time now, and I adore how her little baby talk and voice has progressed (is it progressed or regressed? LOL I will always wonder and use both. Lol)

She sometimes has certain privileges now, a rare treat from time to time or on special occasions or when she is a good girl. She loves to dress up her dollies and barbies and loves to have tea parties.

For her birthday, mommy let her put on a pretty little training bra, dress as a princess and wear a pair of dress up high heels so she could be just like mommy for a day. Her and her barbie had matching outfits and yes…mommy even let her put on some lipstick a time or two.

One of the best things that come along with age regression and being a sissy baby…is playing dress up with mommy after being such a good sissy baby girl.

Her unpotty training was slow and steady – then fast and furious. She kept on and makes Mommy Lillith so very proud of her and her continuing abdl training.

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