ABDL Countdown: Fighting the Urge to Purge

The purge is almost inevitable.

I have never met a sissy or abbie that hasn’t purged at least once in their lifetime. Some of them purge as the seasons change, and then have to scramble to collect items again once they get that urge.

There was a time that I would reach out as a lifeline to those that were fighting the urge, but I have learned that it is going to happen – and when those purges happen, they are not trying to use a lifeline to stay in.

Some abbies have purged this year. They took their diapers and threw them away, they got rid of their bonnets and dresses, they tossed the rest of their accessories and abdl paraphernalia. They are bound and determined to NEVER come back to this lifestyle. Most of those are personal reasons, thinking this is a silly kink/fetish that you can just forget.

There are others however, that were essentially forced to purge. Because being an adult baby/diaper lover is engulfed in a cloud of misunderstanding, livelihoods can and have been threatened.

Please know that whether forced or done by your own hand – my heart aches for you and I see you.

It is important to note that this can happen with any fetish lifestyle – the vanilla world just doesn’t understand. BUT, I have found that while someone may chuckle at the idea of chastity or strapon play, that same person may cringe at the idea of adult babies and diaper lovers.

I am an ABMommy. I work with, encourage and train adult babies and diaper lovers. I need you to know, that if you were part of a purge in 2018 , know that I see you.

My heart hurts for you, and I hope that you can some how find a happy medium with it all. You deserve to live a simpler life of at least tolerance. I know you want acceptance, but lets face it, in some cases tolerance would be like heaven.

Those on the verge of a purge – fight it. If you can’t fight it then just package it all up and store it. If you don’t touch it in 2 years, and if you don’t even THINK about it for a year … perhaps you can rid of it forever, but that isn’t going to be the case.

Taking a moment in this ABDL Countdown to think of those that can’t embrace their inner abdl and are forced to hide it or are currently trying to purge and walk away forever…

Fight the urge to purge. If you are doing it for loved ones because they can’t accept it, maybe see if there is a common ground rather than an ultimatum.

While the purge is inevitable, so is the comeback. You will come back to it.

Once you are an ABDL, you will always be an ABDL.

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