Wearing your Diaper in Public

Wear your diaper in public – that simple command seems to strike fear in so many diaper lovers and sissy babies.

You love your diapers, you adore your diapers…you even wish that you could wear your diapers ALL DAY LONG. You probably go to work and just count down the hours to when you can run home and toss your business clothes aside for something much less restrictive. You are forced to professionally be in-control all day long, by evening – that control is given to your pamper – cloth, disposable, or plastic it doesn’t matter.

You long to just prance around, fancy and worry free, you don’t like controlling your bladder – you don’t like having to deal with the confines of adult clothes…the diaper is where you belong. You have gotten past your diaper denial and are all about your diaper acceptance.

But—when dinner time comes along, and you realize you need an ingredient…you find yourself in a bit of a debacle … can you just run out as you are to get the ingredient? Are you going to go to the store wearing your diaper under the adult clothes you have to put back on? Or do you wimp out and change because the intensity of the thought is simply too much?

Wearing your diaper in public is clearly something that excites you. You think about the day you’ll do it, or you’ll reminisce about the time you WERE brave enough to walk out the front door in your diaper and long to do it again.

What really has you so scared to wear your diaper in public?

Is it because it is thicker and bulky? Do you think it will be seen? Is it because when your diaper is on you have no control over your bladder and you fear that you may wet or worse…make a stinky in it in public?

If you are one that wants to grow your lifestyle and wear your diapers on a more part-time to full-time to 24/7 basis…you will eventually have to break that phobia. I am a diaper mommy that will make you go into the store, I am the mommy that will have you striking up conversations while you are emptying your bladder into your diaper.

You need to wear your diaper in public. It is something you need. Stop being so scared, stop keeping it all in your head…make the fantasy into a reality. Cross that line.

Go step out front and go on a walk around your place of residence right now – with your diaper … ON.

10 thoughts on “Wearing your Diaper in Public

  1. I want to be exposed and do all you ask to help become a diapered sissy baby for good ..
    With no way out pics videos exposed to everyone so I have to be What I’m dying to become ..

  2. After reading this I walked to my local shopping mall and carried out a good shop WHILST WEARING, even wetting whilest in the meat isle!

    Very interesting experience as no one noticed, so why stop there! I need to wear in public A LOT MORE!

        1. There will always be a risk with anything we do. So long as we aren’t involving innocent parties – what real harm could it do? LOL I mean, getting caught the humiliation aspect of it is very real…but the rush – the rush would be amazing. 😉 If you don’t get caught — that is ok too!

          1. Thank you for the insperation Mommy Mistress, once I overcome my fear of getting caught I can pursue my dream of wearing 24/7

          2. How do I arrange diaper checks with the updated site? It looks like the instructions no longer match, I did try emailing your Gmail.

  3. you sound like the right Mommy mistress that seems to like care for diaper loving folks,you’ll be hearing vareery soon from me in the near future !!!!!

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