Diaper Checks

Step 1: Earn VIP Status or purchase your diaper Check page and pay for it below

Step 2: Fill out the Diaper Check Scheduling form

(Must be in that order. Receiving a scheduling form without completing number 1 will result in it being immediately discarded)

Have you been wearing your diaper like a good diaper lover should be? Perhaps your Mommy Mistress needs to check just to be sure. Diaper checks are definitely something naughty little diaper lovers and adult babies need.

I’m sure you have read the post about my surprise diaper checks.  I use to have several ways to check up on you and your diapers and now I am tightening the rules – diaper checks are done via email or text message only. I will contact via ONE of those avenues, not all, to check your diaper and it is up to you to promptly return picture proof of you wearing your diaper (in the way I specify)

Punishments range from having you write an apology with specific requirements to financial punishments depending on the diaper lover and their specific training.

You can earn VIP Diaper Checks or you can purchase a set of 3, 5 or 7.

Fill this form out that summarizes you and your schedule so the diaper checks can take place ~ (Only fill out and send if you have VIP status or already paid for your set of diaper checks. All others will be immediately discarded)

Diaper check scheduling Form



What qualifies me for diaper checks?

There are two ways to get signed up for diaper checks.

VIP Status Diaper Checks (Must session 60 minutes a week to qualify, 60 minutes can be broken up but must be used within 7 days)

You must have a one hour session each week with Mommy Lillith via text, phone, or cam to cam to qualify for diaper checks. That 60 minutes may be divided up during that week. VIP status is awarded once the 60 minutes have purchased/used. The diaper checks will happen at any time over the next 7 days immediately following VIP status.

VIP Status Diaper Checks qualify for UP TO 3 diaper checks.

Non-VIP Diaper Checks

If you are non-VIP and still want your diapers checked please note that diaper checks happen over 7 day period. Pricing for checks below. They can happen multiple times a day, or once a day. *special scheduling is available upon request*

3 checks- $25

5 checks- $40

7 checks- $50


What do the diaper checks entail?

I will use whatever communication resources are available to me, that you provide, to call you out for your diaper check –

*Cell Phone – If you give me the number and permission to send a text message this is an option for communication

*Email – I would need your email address to send you the diaper check. It is best to send me an email first so that it is the correct email, if you were to give me the wrong email — it would result in you being punished for failing the diaper check and possible punished for trying to ‘hide’ from mommy.


I will give you a specified amount of time to snap a picture of you wearing your diaper and expect that picture before that time is expired. There will be a specific request to show you are, in fact, wearing the diaper and it’s not just a stock of pictures of your diaper (for example you may have to draw a shape, or hold a specific item next to the diaper)

*It is up to YOU to check the forms of communication made available to me. If I send you an email and you do not respond, it will result in a missed diaper check — No excuses*

When will diaper checks happen?

Simply put, diaper checks are at random.

Specifics on the time frame of when diaper checks can occur will be discussed on an individual basis.

However, I recognize that there are certain restrictions that keep some diaper lovers and adult babies from wearing diapers full time so I will work out a schedule of sorts and allow some leeway to acknowledge those obligations. (for example the diaper check will/will not happen on a certain day or will/will not happen during certain blocks of time). Don’t abuse it – These restrictions are agreed to before the diaper checks are decided on, and therefore you cannot use them as an excuse for failing your diaper check.

This is all solved by filling out the diaper check scheduling form above.

What happens if I fail a diaper check?

First time it is missed a specified punishment will be administered ranging from an apology to humiliation. It will not be a detailed assignment and you will have to comply, failing to do so within a specified amount of time will incure a penalty fee or you will be docked a diaper check.

2nd missed diaper check a penalty fee is assessed or I will dock you a diaper check

3rd time, you run the risk of forgoing the rest of your diaper checks and run the risk of being excluded from further checks.

What happens if I pass all of my diaper checks?

Good for you. You are supposed to. LOL You will get an acknowledgment of ‘good job’ or something similar but if you are wanting play time – then sign up for a texting session, phone session or cam to cam session.

Can I break up my one-hour session?

You may purchase the 60 minute block at once, and break it up over the week until it is used up. The 10 minute minimum still applies.

 When do I start/ How do I sign up?

Regardless if you are VIP or Non-VIP, simply request them. Follow the 2 simple steps above.

Just say you want mommy mistress to check your diaper. We will cover the bases, and then the fun and anticipation can begin.