Special Treatment/VIP

There are special perks that your phone mommy offers her ab/dl trainees, do you want to be one of those special little adult babies and diaper lovers?

Diaper Dare Challenge – Relieve a daily email from me with your newest diaper dare challenge–no repeats. You can sign up for a 7, 14, or 30 day diaper wearing challenge (you can make it longer at the end if you’d like to re-new it). Turn in your proof for points and for an opportunity to be crowned the diaper dare challenge champion!

Diaper Checks – Are one of the options for some of my special little diaper lovers. They are at random and everyone that goes through them, loves the anticipation of wondering when the next diaper check will happen.

AB/DL Daycare Contract – This is for those adult babies and sissy babies that are looking for a more involved, intense type session. The contracts are VERY detailed, and specifically tailored to each trainee.

Diaper Lover and Sissy Baby Exposure – If you are looking for public humiliation and are ready to take the next step in being exposed as the diaper loving, sissy baby you are – public exposure may be just what you are looking for. I will caution you and let you know to be careful what you wish for. This isn’t just a game, and once it’s out there, it is out of your hands.

VIP Status for Extra Special Abbies – VIP Status is granted to anyone that sessions for a MINIMUM of 60 minutes per week (refreshes every 7 days from the first session that week) – perks can include my personal cell number for you to message to see if I am available for a call or can text (restrictions/rules apply), ability to chit chat briefly with your mommy mistress in between paid session times, diaper checks and any other perk I decide to come up to reward my extra special abbies that love spending time with their ab mommy mistress.