Sissy Baby Katie’s Transition

I have been wanting to discuss a fun little Sissy Baby with you.

She was actually VERY hesitant at first to have a blog about here, but a few months have passed since I asked and SHE came to me to ask if I’d tell her story. No pictures for this sweet little sissy baby.

She actually came to me with just a curiosity of diapers and diaper wearing. There was quite a bit of hesitation and work that needed to be put in so that she was much more comfortable wearing them. She was already a self-proclaimed sissy and loved the bras and panties and all things girlie – BUT, there was something missing for her. That something – she found when she slipped into her first diaper.

Teaching her to tinkle was no problem. I don’t find that to be a difficult task for most. You can get over that fear and teach your bladder to just LET GO quite easily when given proper direction from an experienced abdl mommy such as my self.

Getting her to go #2 proved to be a bit more difficult, but over the course of a few months, she knew what was happening when the diaper was put on her.

She started out not wanting to wear them at work HOWEVER when you are going the route of total incontinence training, you have to understand that there is no turning it off and on…incontinence is exactly that. Please look up the definition, if you can schedule incontinence time, you aren’t really incontinent. LOL You just have scheduled diaper time.

So, we began molding her in a way that she WOULD wear those diapers at first. Now she has no problem using those diapees no matter who is around, or what she is doing.

The next step with my Little Sissy Katie was to add onto her baby training – that included sissy baby talk and a few sissy baby activities. There is always something she is working on.

One day the most amazing thing happened with Little Miss Katie….She called me up and from a very cutesie little voice I heard “Mommy…I’m a baby” – I was giddy with excitement and beaming with pride over my fully babyfied sissy girl!

When something just clicks, it clicks. It is always interesting to me to see how hesitant some are. In most of these cases I am more of a sensual ab mommy – just letting the pieces fall where they may. But, I am an excellent read with knowing the path they should be on. She is on that path quite nicely. I am excited to see how Little Sissy Baby Katie continues to grow – or rather…un-grows. 😉

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