Sissy Baby Girl Dressup

You, my widdle pumpkin dumplin’, want to be all dolled up just like your porcelain doll and baby dolls. Nothing excites you more than getting into a bath and getting cleaned by your favorite abdl mommy mistress.

One of the best things about being a sissy baby girl, is all the fun dress up clothes you get to wear!

The pretty satin pink dresses with a white lace trim, coupled with white patterned stockings and black buckled shoes with the itty bitty heel.

You like to have your hair in teeny tight little curls bunched up in curly pigtails with pretty little barrettes in them.

You love the way the wind picks up your dresses and skirts as you spin and turn in circles.

You like when you bend over and the cheeks on your face get red as that short little dress shows your padded and diapered bottom. Do you wear plastic panties over your diaper? Or do you proudly show off your diaper?

You may like to dress like the sissy baby girl you are, and sometimes you may like to dress as a mini-me of your mommy mistress and have some extra special, naughty fun with mommy mistress and maybe male companions of mommy mistress.

Dressing up and sissy baby tea parties are always so much fun. What will you wear? What will mommy mistress put you in?  Drop a picture in the comments below of you in your favorite outfit or tweet @abmommylillith. I’d LOVE to see more sissy baby girl outfits – if you’d like some inspiration, make sure to get in touch with Mommy Lillith for a personalized session.

2 thoughts on “Sissy Baby Girl Dressup

  1. Hi Mistress mommy

    I went and bought always discreet underwear very cute before I put them on I take a shower than tap dry than put baby lotion all over my body the pink stuff I put my diaper on than put them down a little bit to put baby power in it feels sissy like turn on mistress. Than I put on pink ballet tights my ballet bodysuit and skirt and ballet shoes I looked cute in this outfit but love to know a punishment from your mistress I’ll eat my come for you I’ll put a condom on blow my load than I’ll put in the freezer than I’ll wait until it’s good I get dressed up put pink lipstick on I fores my cum out put on my lips mmmm good well I jerk off again thinking about your dirty panties mistress. Mommy. I really hope that move you.

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