Potty Pants Humiliation: Wet Diaper vs Wet Pants

When it comes to diaper humiliation or potty pants humiliation – which is worse…

Walking around with a soaked, sagging diaper OR walking around with pee soaked underwear and jeans?

I would think that walking around a department or grocery store with pee soaked jeans would be vastly more humiliating. There is NO hiding it. There is very LITTLE explaining it. It looks exactly like, what it is. Even people that have accidentally dropped a drink on their pants are embarrassed by the predicament – it always draws attention to itself.

While pee isn’t as smelly as when you have a poopy mess in your pants, it still has a very distinct musty smell that comes within moments of you having your accident.

On the other hand, a soaking, sagging wet diaper – leaves a huge bulge underneath your pants and I know that for most of you, you aren’t used to the bigger bulge. A little small penis humiliation tossed into the mix there. LOL.

Yes, the diaper IS there to protect you from wetting your pants but if you are a pissy pants that has a hard time controlling your bladder – then maybe even your diaper will get filled faster than anticipated.

Have you tried both? If you haven’t, consider this your potty pants assignment. Walk around a store with pee soaked pants. Then repeat with a saggy, soaked diaper. Then comment below with your experience and what you thought what was worse (or more exciting/humiliating)

For potty pants humiliation, contact me for phone, text or a cam to cam abdl session.

6 thoughts on “Potty Pants Humiliation: Wet Diaper vs Wet Pants

  1. Senc I were a diaper every day and I am most always wet sometimes vary wet I don’t tend to get vary embarrassed I think it would be fun to do the challenge don’t think you could stump me easily just need info on signing up and paying

  2. The only thing that was more humiliating and embarrassing than walking around in a store having peed my jeans was when I was wearing a diaper that badly leaked through my jeans.

  3. I wore diapers in public yesterday. All day. I went for coffee in the morning. Had a nice lunch around midday. Afterwards, I went for acouple of beers. All that liquid.

    I was squirming as I waited for my bus. Then I let go. That wasn’t so bad, my diaper contaained it all. I think.

    Eventually the bus came. I had a twenty minute ride to home. Here am I in a wet diaper and having had a couple of beers riding on a bouncy bus. Fifteen minutes or so into my ride I had to go again. Really had to go.

    I tried to hold it but a pothole created such a jolt that I wet my diaper again. Now, my diaper wasn’t saturated but it leaked. Very badly.

    I was wearing khaki pants a the time. My ass was soaked. In front, there was two distinct areas of wetness either side of my crotch.

    I considered staying on the bus until the terminal. Then i figured there were fewer people on the bus than there were at the depot. It was so obvious I was wearing diapers.

  4. I would like to get kinky with a nerby person – I’m in Corona, CA right now… Love Diapeing, Wetting, Sanking, Sucking – ect… Derek only call if you are near or in Corona please…

    1. That isn’t how this works. The sessions tab is how you contact me, and the RT link is how to apply for an in-person session. Lack of disrespect or failure to follow rules is a surefire way to not be allowed to serve mommy mistress

  5. While browsing the ABDL sites I came across this article. I am an ABDL and I like my diapers. I wet my pants a lot so there is no denying my need for protection. I am also incontinent. I found a few of these articles to be Wishes or fantasies in regard to maintaining a pair of dry britches. When you are incontinent your lack of control cannot be helped so why fight it. I wear diapers because they work the best and when you just pour into something that cannot hold or doesn’t work well for you it does cause a disruption in your everyday life. You search for things like diapers that will fill the bill. A training pant is a good idea if it is water proof and does the job but many of the training pant people are making these things for just a bit of P-P and are not for a person like me who cannot stop the action. I am a diaper user and I will swear that a diaper is the best way balance out what your problem may be.

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