Exposed: Newest ABDL Sissy Introduction

You should all know by now how much I love to expose my sissies. I’m even more thrilled when I get to actually expose an ABDL Sissy!

She is such a pretty little sissy. Looks like she should be turning tricks down at Moulin Rouge. But, she is more than just a sissy. Sure she likes to dress and get all glammed up but, as with most sissies, there is more than meets that eye.

Ms. Unnamed Sissy spoke with me about how she has followed me for a good three years or so. To the random vanilla person that could certainly cause an eyebrow to raise, but for me, and knowing just the smidgen of what I’ve learned about her thus far, It is quite an honor.

I do expose my sissies. They are posted all over the place. I like to shine that bright light on them – but this sissy has other, deeper desires that should be exposed.

Along with the couple of cute photos she sent of herself, my intuition just knew there was something…extra. While it isn’t in the picture, I did quickly discover that she is a diaper wearer. How cute is it that she was so shy to approach me!?

That is why it made it that much more comical when I took her image and googled it. It came back as a one of a kind photo, but came back with a word and definition. Girl. Not woman, Girl.

Girl, part of the definition is: A young female human. This sissy is an abdl sissy.

How fitting!

So, no is time to emerge, not just a sissy, but a sissy baby. I am introducing her to the world and yes, very soon she will go from unnamed to named. Perhaps an abdl adoption in a sense will take place. I don’t expect this to be the first time we discuss her. I’m thinking this is just the beginning. Follow her on her journey of self-discovery and excitement.

Look at this up and coming sissy baby! Give her the proper attention and let’s parade her around like sissy toddlers and tiaras.

2 thoughts on “Exposed: Newest ABDL Sissy Introduction

  1. … and sissy can feel the burn, and tug, and pull of something that is completely out of her hands now Mistress… you have out this diaper wearing/using sissy girl out, into the vastness of the web… and every moment… sissy has been trying to ignore these facts all week long…. it terrifies her… it excites her…. most of all, it completes her, Mistress.

    Thank you for knowing what it best for your diapered sissy girl… blushes…

    *staring at the ground… heart racing… afraid to ask… but dying to know… (slightly freaking out, your sissy wonders to herself…) what is to come next!

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