Ask Mommy

What questions do you have for Mommy Lillith? Something about the AB/DL lifestyle and/or kink ? Need some quick advice for a simple question? Ask below! You probably are not alone in wondering about the various nuances of the lifestyle.

A few rules (there are always rules 😉 )  to follow:

  • NO BABY TALK. Baby talk should be reserved for session time. Outside session time we use big boy/big girl words. I will delete the question and not respond if baby babble is used. Im not spending time deciphering what you are trying to say 😉
  • No questions that are seeking sexual gratification.
  • I probably won’t answer “what would you do if…” questions with anything more than give me a call or engage in a skype/text session.
  • No questions about where/how you can meet Mommy Lillith
  • You CAN ask for recommendations, You CAN ask questions related to curiosities of the lifestyle…etc.
  • You must also be legally 18+ to submit a question