Do you find yourself isolated, always searching for just the right person to be able to connect with for your special kind of kink?

Adult Babies and Diaper lovers are very unique in that not one of them can really be packaged in a neatly wrapped up little box. One size most certainly does not fit all.

Some adult babies are sissy babies, some enjoy exploring sexuality while wearing the diapers and onesies and sucking on pacifiers. Some are diaper lovers, they don’t want to be referred to as an adult baby and see themselves as grown men who just love wearing diapers…or enjoy being forced into them as some sort of erotic punishment. It doesn’t stop there either. So often times you do find yourself seeking out someone who understands your way of thinking.

You know you have unique thoughts. Lucky for you, I am a unique mistress.


There are times that just the mention of the fact that you want to be humiliated in public by being put into diapers, or that you regularly drink milk from a bottle, is enough to scare away some. It is a lifestyle they simply don’t understand. It is a lifestyle that is much more popular than you may believe, but that is because it is so well hidden by those that LIVE it on a regular basis. Truth is you never quite know who is an AB/DL. It is even more guarded than some of the most seemingly taboo kinks out there, but obviously there are those that enjoy it, or are at least curious about it. You are either experienced or at the very least curious about it…otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

Explore the Sissy Baby, Adult Baby and Diaper Lover ways with Mistress Lillith

I will take you by your little hand and show you the way. From the brand new man that is just curious about what kind of diapers to wear, to the seasoned adult baby that just needs a new phone mommy to take care of him or her ~ I am here for you. Whether you are seeking an adult baby roleplay, or diaper punishment and humiliation,  or if you are looking to be turned incontinent with my unpotty training or even looking to experience infantalism through erotic hypnosis ~ I am here for you.

Maybe you want a phone mommy that will take charge of your every day goings on because, well…you don’t feel like a grown up and need that extra push. I am that mommy for you.

I embrace my AB/DL’s. You will always be encouraged to fulfill those desires that you’ve always wanted, but were too shy live out. Come and explore the erotic abdl world with me.