February ABDL Honor Roll: The Happy Diaper Lover

Every so often someone comes along that has one of the best personalities you’ve met in a while. This happy little diaper lover was new to me in and around the month of December. Out of the blue he showed up and requested a couple of Diaper lover assignments – the first assignment I gave him involved decorating a variety of diapers – much to my delight he went above and beyond to decorate the diapers.

That lead to inspiring me to create even more entertaining diaper lover assignments. Some were the daily diaper dare challenge and some were very detailed assignments. He has done each and everyone with a pep in his diaper loving step.

Never once has he popped off and never once has he

I wish I could share all of his diaper assignments with the world but ~ things have to be left to the imagination.

In fact, I let him know that he would be February’s ABDL Honor Roll Recipient and had him create a sash out of diapers to wear for when this posted.

For any first-time diaper lover our there, or newer diaper lover or someone that just likes to try new things – you will want to mold yourself after this particular diaper wearer. Have the enthusiasm, have a great attitude and you’ll make any ABDL phone mommy very, VERY happy.

Do you think you’d earn a coveted spot on the ABDL Honor Roll? I only hand out the award once a month to someone of my choosing. This is not a position that can be bought – it is earned. It will depend on you if I feel the desire to offer it to you

Things to know to about the ABDL Honor Roll:

~ Be in good standing and a current abdl trainee of Mistress Lillith

~Face pictures, names or other erotic blackmail type posts are NOT going to be included in ABDL Honor Roll posts. If you are a blackmail client of mine, you can still earn the title but this is not an abdl humiliation post. It is the ABDL Honor Roll – not a humiliation, exposure post. (I do offer abdl exposure as a separate thing 😉 )

~The recipient is notified a month to two months in advance, so if you are new to me don’t expect immediate ‘award’ – don’t EXPECT anything. Lol

Congratulations Happy Diaper Lover, a well deserving ABDL Honor Roll Recipient.

3 thoughts on “February ABDL Honor Roll: The Happy Diaper Lover

  1. what a suck up… wha are you trying to do ? make us all look bad.
    If I were there I would pull your fancy pancy diapers off you and leave you to wet and soil your pants.. that will teach a sissy like you to steal mt attention time.
    yeah,, that is what I will do.

    1. It is that kind of attitude that wouldn’t get you any award from this abdl mommy mistress. Brattyness is never rewarded. YOU are the one that needs punishing. 😉

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