ABDL Exploration: Finding the Right Adult Diaper

Finding the right diaper can be a task. There are so many options and choices out there. It boils down what you want: look, feel, thickness, how often, and your budget. The budget can be a biggie, and so is finding the diaper that actually fits your needs.

Budget concerns for the Diaper Lover

The budget is certainly something to take a look at when getting your first package of diapers. I’ve seen them priced from 15.00 for a pack of 4, up to over 150.00 for a case of 80-100. Some companies will offer a ‘sample size’ of diapers will consist of 1-2 of the adult diaper selected and offered at a price of 5.00-15.00 for the sample size. While the cases definitely have the better pricing per unit – not all diaper lovers are going to be able pick up a case or two right off the bat. ESPECIALLY if you don’t know what kind of diaper you are wanting.

Those examples I’ve given above are for disposable diapers. There are options for adult cloth diapers out there, but you aren’t likely to find an inexpensive sample option. I see cloth diapers range from $25 to upwards of $60 for each one – I’ve seen a few pre-folded options for a bit cheaper in in lots of 4-6. The upside is that they are reusable. If that is the route you take, it may be a bit of a hurdle for the budget conscious – but would help in the long run since you don’t need a never-ending supply.

Some have the disposable income to get whatever package of diapers they want, whenever they want, and however many they want. That isn’t the situation for all concerned. Let’s face it, the adult baby, diaper lover lifestyle isn’t a budget friendly kink.  The sample size options are perfect for those that are just starting out, just exploring, or just like variety.

Factors for picking your Diaper

Picking the right diaper for you is very much a personal journey and experience – one that is fun to explore and test out. I’ve helped guide many diaper lovers through finding the right one for them.

Factors to think about:

You have to decide what you are going to use them for. This seems like a ‘duh’ question. But, it isn’t. Believe it or not some diaper wearers just like the feel of the diaper themselves and wont actually be ‘USING’ them. In that case, they can sometimes be reused a couple of times before tossed out.

You must decide the frequency of use. Are you going to be using them for their intended purposes? How often? Are you a 24/7 diaper wearer or trying to get yourself to that stage?

Do you seek a bulkier feel? Something that is loud and crinkly or something that is thinner and more discrete?

Do you want cloth or disposable adult diapers? Do you want the ability to roll it up and toss it out? Do you have the discipline to make sure you clean the cloth ones properly for re-use?

Do you want fun designs or just plain white ones? This one is more simple in nature, but still a decision nonetheless

Those are just a few factors to think about when selecting the right adult diaper for yourself.

Where do you find Adult Diapers

Plug the information into a search engine and you will find a plethora of places that offer different types of diapers and all sorts of fun things for your diaper loving self.  Bambino Diapers is a place you may hear me say frequently, some Etsy shops and even Ebay. My current ‘go-to’ when I need to get a variety for shenanigans is ABUniverse. You can pick up a single adult diaper for $6.00 with shipping being around $1 for the lowest option. (That is the price I currently purchased it at, that can change I’m sure…I don’t own the site, nor make any commission if you purchase from them, I just like them 😉 The lavender scented purple diapers are among my favorite for diaper lovers)

I make recommendations for diapers based on the factors I asked about above, but, honestly – I want my diaper wearers to be comfortable in what they are wearing. I want them to get the maximum enjoyment and use out of them.  Sure if you have some creativity you can create your own diapers from cheese cloth and feminine pads, if you have a slim figure you may be able to use the largest size of infant diapers or piece two of them together, you can use depends also. There are tons of options fulfill your diaper lover needs.

Finding the right diaper for you is one of the first steps with exploring the ABDL fetish and lifestyle.


If you have experience – what diapers are your favorite? What are your favorite sites to purchase them from? What would your advice be for first time adult diaper lovers?

Comment and join the discussion – and tweet me pictures of you in your diapers for an RT from me @abmommylillith or @mistresslillith.

5 thoughts on “ABDL Exploration: Finding the Right Adult Diaper

  1. The right diaper is crucial. I’m a sissy baby with a love/hate relationship with public diaper humiliation. My diaper of choice is the Dry 24/7, often with a Abrilet maxi booster and polyurethane plastic pants. I’m rarely diapered in anything else, in public or private. I should never forget my diapered state. The bulk is impossible to ingnore and poly pants are very noisy. It is constant struggle to walk without waddling and the rhythmic diaper rustle I hear with every stride are constant reminders that I’m a pathetic diaper wearing sissy. I try to be discreet out of respect for others. But if my diapered state is noticed, since I want to be a diapered sissy baby, I deserve the humiliation. I hope to work up the courage to call you soon Mommy Lillith.

    1. I hope you dont mind that I corrected your last sentence. 😉 You called me by someone else’s name. She is a fantasty abdl mommy too from what I hear 🙂

      But, yes – The more you try to avoid the crinkle the more exaggerated the waddle – I know how thick those diapers can get. Some would say ‘its just a bubble butt’ but the bubble goes all around. You just have to embrace it and continue on. Some will notice and some will not. add some tights to your outtings underneath your pants to make them a little more sissfied beyond the plastic crinkle pants.

      Embrace your Sissy Baby Lifestyle! 🙂

  2. In the UK you can now order ‘lucky packs’ from nappies r us where you get a set of different styles and brands. Very helpful if you’re unsure what’s right for you!

  3. I like using amazon they will even drop them off at a locker. Which for me is very important because I have roommate’s. I live in Utah and can get same day shipping on most of the diapers I order. I just order Rearz Rebel Pink Diapers today and they got deliveres today as well. It is 34.99 for a 12 pack with free shipping if you have a prime membership. If amazon is not your thing your thing nortshorecare.com also has a really good diaper for abdl it is called Crinklz and you can get those delivered to any fedex office location. Jusr be warned I am pretty sure that the people at fedex know what Northshore care sells because they were laughing when I went to go and pick it up.

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