ABDL Countdown: High Dive Journey and ABDL of the Year 2018

Last day of 2018, and what a better way than to post about the diaper lover turned adult baby and sometimes sissy baby that I dubbed Abbie of the Year.

This certainly isn’t an insult to others. I could list several that would be equally deserving. But, Abbie C deserves recognition for a variety of reasons.

My once happy little diaper lover, is now my happy little abbie! Some times goes by Baby C, other times by Stacie ~

My Happy little Adult Baby gets recognition because of his growth.

When he first started training with me, he just enjoyed the plethora of diaper tasks and was very much against any type of adult baby or sissy baby talk. I am an ethical ab mommy and mistress, and abide by limits and boundaries set by all my trainees – I never push hard limits. They are hard limits for a reason.

With that said, Mommy knows best. I knew that he would LOVE being abbie and knew it was a path he was destined to be on. I digress, I never pushed – however as time went on … HE started lifting the ban and it turned into more of a curiosity.

My happy diaper lover started asking about toddler time and what certain things were like, he started showing an interest in abdl hypnosis recordings, and started to inch closer to the path of becoming an adult baby.

I sent him a few files I had, and we stretched the training further. The hard limit changed into a desire – by his own hand/mind, and I happily obliged.

It helps to have a support. Baby C found a bit of a support group – with a group of nannies and 2nd mommies to help in his transition and coddle him when I’m not around.

They have helped baby proof and taken him on baby’s day out kind of outtings, they change him when he needs it and handle the day to day.

On the previous countdown post, I discussed the slow and steady to fast and furious. Baby C had a similar experience. BUT, I would liken HIS journey to more of a high dive journey.

The high dive is off limits and Mommy Lillith wont make you go up there (even though she knows you would be just fine and would LOVE it), but then you show interest and go up there all on your own and Mommy is standing by coaxing and cheering all the way.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my dear little happy baby C. I always knew you were destined to be a bouncy adult baby. I respected the boundaries and steared clear until YOU showed interest and otherwise gave me the green light.

Baby C’s ABDL Journey shows the ever evolving nature of this lifestyle.

You can find interest in one area and be completely closed off to other avenues. BUT, as the interest grows within that one area, it starts to morph. With growth and morphing and change comes new interests and curiosities and we only have one life so why not take the plunge at least once?

You can decide it’s not for you but..what if it is? What if it is the missing piece to your seemingly twisted little puzzle?

What if the interest in a kink or fetish that goes beyond the realms of the vanilla world is exactly what you need to make you whole?

Baby C gets abbie of the year because his (and sometimes her) journey – can resonate with so many entering any type of fetish lifestyle or engaging in any kink play and it goes beyond the abdl world.

Growth (or ungrowth 😉 ) is a beautiful thing.

Hope you all have had some highlights of your 2018 that you can embrace – and lets look towards the future and embrace yourself in 2019.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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