ABDL Countdown: Embracing the Frustration

This sissy baby of mine is one of the most loving sissy babies I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with.

I’ve spoken with her for almost 5 years. I know her by the sound of her sweet little voice and honestly, I light up when I get to hear from her. Sometimes we get to connect regularly and other times it has been difficult to navigate the matching of schedules.

We have talked at length a few times because she seems to have had a difficult time navigating the vanilla world while being a sissy baby. The vanilla world is not kind to ABDL’s. They don’t understand and many don’t even want to try. They have their labels for those engaged in this lifestyle and those labels are FAR FROM THE TRUTH. It complicates things.

And yet…

As complicated and frustrating as it has been for this sissy baby of mine, she accepts the challenge. She knows it’s frustrating and would give almost anything for a world where she could be who she is without the harsh judgment and criticisms.

It was an instant connection with my sweet little sissy baby.

She likes to wear those thick cloth diapers – and I’m obsessed with the pink ducky safety pins.  We often play tea party, and blocks. Having her crawl around and coo – her suckling on a paci and sometimes getting to nurse. She only tinkles in that diapee but she does love the poof of baby powder on her bum.

For the time she is with me, she knows she is in a different reality. A reality of actual acceptance.

She knows I adore her just as she is. Thick cloth diapers and all!

Even the times she is not with me, she knows in MY reality and MY world – and HER reality and HER world – She is accepted.

Acceptance isn’t just a fantasy when you have people and those that understand or are willing to understand and try to help you grow (or un grow in some cases) as a person/abdl.

My sweet little sissy baby embraces her abdl lifestyle, and embraces the confusion and frustrations that comes along with it.

I hope she finds more comfort and less frustration in the new year.

One thought on “ABDL Countdown: Embracing the Frustration”

  1. Dear Mommy,

    Thank you for this post. I’m so lucky to have found you, and I am never happier than when I’m thickly diapered in my cloth diapers with my pink ducky pins, dressed in a pretty baby dress and crawling and babbling for you. The encounters may be brief, but they are SO important to me.

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