Kinky Diaper Assignment

This Diaper Assignment is a kinky outing type assignment. I don’t always post assignments for everyone to see but every so often I want to see the response with completed assignments.

How often do you scour the web for free diaper assignments? Lucky for you, your mommy mistress is going to give you just that. I adore my diaper lovers, adult babies and sissy babies. And I know those special abbie clients of mine, adore me. I often offer EXACTLY what they are looking for. Someone that knows the kink and the lifestyle, someone that GETS IT, someone that loves this particular fetish, this abdl fetish.

My diaper boys and girls, are some of the most fun, unique individuals. Its because each is so different and unique, one may enjoy diaper humiliation – one may like CBT coupled with diaper wearing and sissy outfits – one may want to drink from a bottle, suckle on a cock shaped pacifier and wear a ducky onesie. The sky is the limit, not one of my diaper lovers or adult babies is exactly the same. Each has their own kinks, their own quirks. I get it, and I love that about them.

Now, back to the diaper assignment. If you are a diaper lover and crave public humiliation this one will be great for you!

Mind you, I don’t generally involve the public, but on occasion and if its harmless, its fun and exciting. I actually see this assignment as being a simple public humiliation assignment. You may not be humiliated, you may be excited about it.

To get credit for your diaper assignment, you need to follow ALL the rules below, (you can also comment with your assignment response below)

What is the diaper assignment?

  • Go to a store. Any store, just a public place. I don’t care how many people are there, or whom is there. BUT, you DO have to strike up a conversation with a cashier. Find one that is friendly, one that you can easily just talk about the day with. (I may give ‘extra credit’ if you found someone a tad grumpy but a grumpy one will be less likely to want to play). It can be a cashier or someone helping out in the store.
  • Make a kink confession, or just a confession if you will about your love for wearing diapers and ask if he/she wouldn’t mind snapping a photo of you while you are pretending to shop or looking at baby items, or girlie clothes/lingerie or even just in some chip isle…WHERE you are may earn extra credit points (more for diaper isles) but that creative part is up to you. 😉
  • Make a purchase from the store, preferably diapers or other adult baby attire, but again can be anything. This is just to pay respect to the store you were in to complete your diaper assignment.
  • If you want to just complete the assignment, you can drop a photo and comment below on how it went OR if you want to be considered for a spot in my abdl hall of fame do the following:

~Submit a write up of the experience: where you went, whom you spoke with, explain a bit about the picture.

~Submit 1-3 photos of you shopping WITH your diaper showing. You will also be required to release photo rights to ME. The photos may be used on my blog – and/or shared on twitter

~If chosen for the diaper lover hall of fame, you’ll get your own page and photo similar to the others on that side. I will respond with the information on that. 😉

~deadline for the hall of fame portion is: April 30th, 2016. All entries after that must be posted below in the comments section.

~Submit entries to madamerotic @ gmail with the subject title of : Diaper Assignment ; with the information above

Good luck! (Note to the wise, don’t email asking for a free diaper assignment. This IS your assignment. If you want another more personal assignment, sign up for a session or email training.)